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Woman reveals 'cringey millennial mom' tactic she uses to control her crying babies and it's so good

The mom reveals how when nothing works, this tactic comes to her rescue and she gets her kids to stop crying.

Woman reveals 'cringey millennial mom' tactic she uses to control her crying babies and it's so good
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @erin.monroe_

Parent life is a treasury of unique situations. There is no one-stop solution to the mess and hilarity that these little munchkins bring into their parents' lives. The story is no different for Erin Monroe–who goes by @erin.monroe_ on Instagram. Her kids come up with the craziest antics, which regularly fill her life with laughs and adventures. Over time, her children have also rubbed off on her and she has been taking some unique approaches to deal with their behavior. Recently, when her babies whipped up a storm in her kitchen, she threw all the parenting books away and decided to take on the problem by being her authentic self. Even if that authentic self is a "cringey millennial mom."

Image Source: Instagram | @erin.monroe_
Image Source: Instagram | @erin.monroe_

The video began with the mother sharing what had transpired recently in her kitchen. She started with, "I am not really sure what parenting style this is, but my kids were being an absolute nightmare." Monroe explains how her children were crying uncontrollably in the kitchen. No matter what she did, they were not backing down, exhausting both her and themselves in the process. Having been driven out of her wits, she chose to throw logic out the window. The mother went ahead and "put on the 2007 classic 'Low' by Flo Rida featuring T-Pain." Then, she proceeded to dance "like a fool in the kitchen."

Image Source: Instagram/@erin.monroe_
Image Source: Instagram | @erin.monroe_

The children were taken aback at first seeing their mother break into a dance routine. In Monroe's words, they were "caught off guard" and immediately stopped crying. All those books, but when push came to shove, it was Flo Rida who became the mother's savior. Not only that, the whole thing became an adorable moment as the children also joined in the fun and began dancing. Seeing the impact of the song the mother decided to make this video and whip up a piece of parenting advice. Her advice was simple and added, "When in doubt, just bust out your early 2000s hip-hop and dance like a fool in the kitchen."

Image Source: Instagram/@bethany_krat
Image Source: Instagram | @bethany_krat

The comments section was in splits hearing the mother's account of the hilarious incident. @queenie__sl__ suggested a name for this parenting style and commented, "This parenting style is called unhinged." @michellethomas0920 wrote what her therapist had to say about the technique, "My therapist calls it 'changing the sensory environment.' I call it 'keeping my little heathen on her toes' or 'nothin' a random dance party can't fix.'" @5unkissed commented on how this technique is backed by science, "Distraction is a useful regulation technique." @haileytjmclaughlin shared her opinion about it and commented, "Redirection is redirection, baby! An impromptu dance party is a great way to reset the mood in your home and give your kids' brains time to reset. And dancing just makes the body and mind feel good anyway."

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Other mothers are also coming on social media to share their tried and tested parenting advice. Namwila–who goes on TikTok by @lifeofnamz–has taught her daughter 'boundary song," so she can confidently communicate her discomforts to people around her. The technique prepared her daughter for a world where women are unable to speak out because of the societal provisions in place.

Image Source: TikTok/@lifeofnamz
Image Source: TikTok/@lifeofnamz

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