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Woman reveals company fired her and her husband after they announced their pregnancy: 'So unfair'

The woman dedicated 3 years of her life to the company ever since it was a mere startup but they laid off her when she announced she was expecting.

Woman reveals company fired her and her husband after they announced their pregnancy: 'So unfair'
Representative Cover Image Source: (L) Pexles | Tima Miroschnichenko; (R) Reddit | u/Kitties4Karma

Several employees around the world put in more hard work than required to make their organizations excel. Despite these efforts, companies disregard their endeavors many times. u/Kitties4Karma shared a same unfortunate story revealing that she and her husband were laid off while she was three months pregnant after she dedicated three long years to the company. The Reddit users were not having it and extended support to the woman and her husband. Sharing on the platform, the woman explained that she had been working with the company ever since it was a startup. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Pavel Danilyuk
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pavel Danilyuk

The woman started her post and said, "I have worked for a healthcare staffing company for the last almost three years. I was a top-performer recruiter and moved my way into being a manager overseeing a team of recruiters, schedulers, and operation specialists. My district was the top performing with the most hours billed to clients out of all of the districts." She then explained the added stress of having been working with the company since a startup and that it meant "unpaid overtime hours, help to create policies for day to day business, and a large part of the only business the company has left." The company's strengths and pride came from much of the hard work the woman had put in.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Mizuno K
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Mizuno K

She further revealed that sometime after she helped set up the company, he asked her husband to join as an employee too. While expressing her dismay, she said, "I'm just over 3 months pregnant and just found out today that they eliminated my position." She elaborated that the company chose to keep the staff with lower performance employed but laid her and her husband off. "I am in the darkest place. I gave so much to that company only to have them rob our entire household of its livelihood. How do I even find work when I am expecting? I feel like a burden of two mouths to feed," the woman concluded her post.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Anotoni Shkraba
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Anotoni Shkraba


Image Source: Reddit/u/FlexoPXP
Image Source: Reddit | u/FlexoPXP

In the comments, she further revealed, "We were not the only ones laid off, but I found out all three of the people currently pregnant were on the list for layoffs, despite our districts being top performers. I also found out my coworker who made a complaint to HR about our manager was also laid off along with her wife."

Image Source: Reddit/u/kawaeri
Image Source: Reddit | u/kawaeri

u/thugarth said, "That's pregnancy discrimination and reprisal firings. I bet a lawyer would be thrilled to hear your story. Get on that!" u/24-Hour-Hate said, "Yeah, this is suspect. I would suggest getting in touch with the other pregnant women who were fired and all lawyering up."

Moreover, users were unhappy with the inhumane treatment the woman received, much less after the timeless and invaluable persistence and quality work she offered to her company. Others simply recalled the bleak reality of an unjust and discriminative work life. u/Ultidon said, "The one thing I've learned in life is that companies, nowadays, do not take care of the loyal working employees. They overwork them and get rid of them when the company sees fit."

Image Source: Reddit/u/unknown0274
Image Source: Reddit | u/unknown0274

u/zingzingtv said, "One of the reasons my wife and I avoid working for the same company is so we don't get laid off/put at risk at the same time. Companies suck." In one of the replies, the woman called the firing an "unfair" decision and wrote: "I am floored that this happened. I never would have thought that giving the best performance would land me in this position. It seems so unfair."

Image Source: Reddit/u/drMcDeezy
Image Source: Reddit | u/drMcDeezy

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