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Woman reveals an important self-care lesson she has learned from her 2-year-old niece

As we grow up, we get so consumed with what others will think about us that we forget to comprehend what's best for us. Kids remind us how to do it.

Woman reveals an important self-care lesson she has learned from her 2-year-old niece
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @maketheshiftwithlauren

In the whirlwind of adult life, we often find ourselves navigating the complexities of emotions and challenges alone, silently hoping someone will notice our struggles. However, in a heartwarming Instagram video shared by Lauren (@maketheshiftwithlauren), we are reminded of a powerful lesson in self-care, courtesy of her two-year-old niece Ryu. Lauren's video captures a simple yet profound message about seeking support and letting loved ones in during our most vulnerable moments.

Image Source: Instagram | @maketheshiftwithlauren
Image Source: Instagram | @maketheshiftwithlauren

Lauren begins her insightful message by introducing her niece's heartwarming habit. She shares, "So, my two-year-old Niece Ryu does this beautiful thing that I think we as adults can all learn from." Ryu's behavior stands as a shining example of the purity and simplicity of asking for help when needed, a practice that adults often struggle with. Ryu's approach is straightforward. When she's hurt or upset, she doesn't stay like that. Instead, she bravely utters the words, "Auntie, can you check on me please?" Lauren's response to Ryu's request is gentle but impactful, "Are you okay, Ryu?" to which Ryu confidently replies, "Yes."

Image Source: Instagram | @maketheshiftwithlauren
Image Source: Instagram | @maketheshiftwithlauren

Lauren astutely observes, "It's a simple, but it's a powerful request because so often we adults, we suffer in silence." This silence, born from fear or hesitation, can keep us from seeking the support we need. We wait, hoping someone will notice our distress but Ryu's lesson reminds us that sometimes, it's okay to ask for help. Lauren's video highlights the stark contrast between Ryu's honest expression of vulnerability and the hesitance that often plagues adults. As adults, we sometimes feel like a burden, hesitant to reach out to others, even to those who care for us deeply. We silently grapple with our emotions, expecting someone to magically perceive our struggles.

Ryu's behavior is a poignant reminder that when we ask someone who loves us to check on us, they will willingly drop everything to be there for us. In Lauren's words, "And what I love is when you ask her to check on you, she drops whatever she's doing and she's right there showing us that we're not the burdens that we think we are." The simple act of asking for support can bridge the gap between isolation and connection, reminding us that we're not alone in our battles.

Image Source: Instagram | @maketheshiftwithlauren
Image Source: Instagram | @maketheshiftwithlauren

The Instagram post garnered a multitude of comments, each reflecting the viewers' thoughts and their own experiences. These comments further validate the universal resonance of Ryu's wisdom. One commenter @acamea expressed, "This baby is the most emotionally aware person I’ve ever seen… including myself! Also love that she asked to be checked on even though she was okay. We don’t have to be in distress to need to know someone cares." @pocketworthylife beautifully added, "Aww that is beautiful. Personally, I ask for a hug. My family and friends will drop what they are doing to hug me. I'm not a touchy person so they know I need it when I ask for a hug."


Through Ryu's candid request for attention when she needs it, she unveils a powerful message for adults: it's okay to ask for help. The simplicity of her action underscores the importance of voicing our needs, even when vulnerability makes us hesitate. 

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