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Woman reunites with her lost wedding dress thanks to a thrift store volunteer

Tanya Walsh has finally reunited with her cherished wedding dress, which was purchased by her late mother right before she passed away.

Woman reunites with her lost wedding dress thanks to a thrift store volunteer
Cover Image Source: Facebook/ Elle Dee

A woman in southern Ontario has been reunited with her lost wedding dress, thanks to a "long shot" plea to the public that went viral. Tanya Walsh's dress had been mistakenly donated by her father earlier this year, and she had been desperately searching for it ever since.

"I am beyond excited," Walsh told CTV News upon hearing the news. "Pure joy." The dress holds great significance for Walsh, as it was purchased by her late mother not long before she passed away. Walsh wore the dress at her wedding in 2018, which was a small gathering with only 14 guests as her mother was in palliative care at the time.

"At first, I didn't want a wedding dress but my mom and dad got married at city hall and never had a proper wedding dress," she explained. "So I got the dress in hopes that it could just serve as a memory when she's gone."

Image Source: Facebook/ Elle Dee
Image Source: Facebook/ Elle Dee

Earlier this year, in February, Walsh received the news that her father had mistakenly donated the dress to a thrift store in Bowmanville. Despite contacting both the St. Vincent de Paul Value Store and The Salvation Army in Bowmanville, the dress was not found in either store.

In a final attempt to locate the dress, Walsh turned to social media and requested that community members be on the lookout for the dress in thrift or pawn shops and to reach out to her if it was spotted. The post quickly gained traction and was shared almost 1,500 times.


On March 25, Walsh received the news she had been hoping for. "A lovely volunteer" named Sheila had located the gown at one of the stores Walsh had originally suspected it had been donated to.

"The dress [was found by] Sheila at St. Vincent de Paul store," Walsh revealed. "It was in storage in the basement, tucked away."

"Sheila had seen Walsh's plea and made it her mission to find the dress during her Saturday shift. And she came through," Walsh said. "Thank you to everyone who helped share the story and circulate it. [I'm] beyond grateful."

Image Source:
Image Source: Facebook/ Elle Dee

Walsh's lost and found wedding dress is a heartwarming example of the power of social media and the kindness of strangers. It also shows the emotional significance that objects can hold for people, particularly those that are connected to loved ones who have passed away.

Walsh's dress not only served as a memory of her mother but also as a symbol of their relationship and the love they had for each other. The fact that it has found its way back to her is evidence of the lasting influence of love and the significance of treasured remembrances.

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