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Woman reunites with family after seven years and their reaction is winning everyone's heart

The reactions of the family members when they meet the woman are quite emotional. It goes to show just how much they missed her.

Woman reunites with family after seven years and their reaction is winning everyone's heart
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @GoodNewsCorres1

Family reunions are special because of the reactions that families have when they meet their loved ones. It shows how much they care for each other. In a beautiful video posted on X (formerly Twitter) by Good News Correspondent (@GoodNewsCorres1), a woman reunites with her family in Chile after seven years and no one could hold back their tears. The video begins with the caption, "I was finally able to fly to Chile to see my mom, brother and family after seven years of not being able to see them. However, they didn't know I was coming." She then can be seen waiting outside her mother's room and the moment she opens the door and sees her, her mom starts to cry, hugs her tightly and kisses her. Meanwhile, another family member also joins them for a hug.

Image Source: Twitter | @GoodNewsCorres1
Image Source: Twitter | @GoodNewsCorres1

The text overlay reads, "So this was a very special moment for us." The pets also seem to be excited to see her and keep jumping on her. In the next clip, she goes and hugs her brother and it turns into a very emotional moment for both of them. The text overlay reads, "Being able to see my loved ones after all the time..." After this, the woman can be seen meeting another dear one who seems shocked upon seeing her and the woman runs to hug her. "Treasure these moments and hold on tight to those you love! Family is everything, " reads the caption. The video ends with the woman standing in front of their national flag in a park and saying, "Gracias Chile!"

Image Source: Twitter | @GoodNewsCorres1
Image Source: Twitter | @GoodNewsCorres1

The post has more than 34K views on the platform and is captioned, "She was able to return home for the first time in 7 years! A beautiful and emotional reunion." The video was also uploaded on TikTok by @goodnewscorrespondent and many on the social media platform loved the woman's reunion. @mamalicious57 commented, "Surprised your mum coming out of the loo! Precious moment indeed." @pamluvsbilly expressed, "So happy for you!" @lockwoodespana1102 said, "Congratulations, glad you got to reunite."


Reunions with friends also mean a lot, especially when it comes to kids. @createdbykrysti filmed her son Cayson, who went back to meet his classmates from his previous school. His old classmates wouldn't stop hugging him. So, the teacher had to ask them to make a queue to hug and greet him one by one. Cayson's mom can be heard saying, "This is so cute." It is quite evident in the video how much these kids missed their old classmates. The TikTok video is captioned, "Cayson’s VPK teacher asked us if we can come to graduation and surprise his class! We moved in February and Cayson missed them so much, so I couldn't say no. The excitement and love that is in this video was amazing to see. I wish we could all be like these kiddos…our world needs it!" 

Image Source: TikTok | @createdbykrysti
Image Source: TikTok | @createdbykrysti

People on social media were also left emotional after watching such a video. "Bawling... the first little boy misses his bestie," commented @leahvecchione. "The impact your young child has already made on his peers, imagine the man he will someday become amazing! Love this," expressed @let_itbe.

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