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Woman reunited with her lost wedding portraits 30 years later thanks to a kind stranger

She lost her precious wedding portraits 30 years ago and had lost all hope of finding them until a kind stranger stepped in.

Woman reunited with her lost wedding portraits 30 years later thanks to a kind stranger
Cover Image Source: YouTube | KSAT 12

A bride wants nothing more than to look unique and gorgeous on her wedding day, as it holds great importance in her life and she captures those moments in stunning and professional pictures. Brides keep their wedding pictures for years and looking back on them resurfaces a heap of love and memories, making it a prized possession. ABC 7 shared the story of a bride who was reunited with her wedding pictures after having lost them for 30 long years. While to others, it may be just a wedding picture, to her, it was an invaluable piece of her core memory that came back to her. A woman named Sandra Poindexter from Lynchburg, Virginia, came across frames with a beautiful bride from quite a few years ago.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Pavel Danilyuk
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Pavel Danilyuk

The images were portraits of the bride and Poindexter was stunned to have found them at an estate sale. “I just thought that somebody’s bound to want these, they’re gorgeous,” she said. The woman then shared a post on Facebook. She wrote in her caption, “These bridal photos were in a box of old picture frames we bought at our last auction. There was a piece of masking tape on the back of one, with the name Harriet Elizabeth Marshall (Galbraith). Does anyone know anything about her? She’s beautiful.” The woman added that she had originally purchased the portrait to use the frames, but after looking at the flawless bride, she didn’t have the heart to get rid of the images.


That’s where Donna Reichard came into the picture. Reichard knew that the portraits did not belong in some dusty sale, they had far more importance. "Once I saw that, I thought 'Oh man, I wonder if she's still alive, I bet she'd love to have those pictures,'" Reichard said. "Because I would love to have them if it were me,” she added, as she then began her hunt to find the mystery bride. She found the woman in the white gorgeous dress. Poindexter shared a follow-up post revealing that Reichard had found the bride. Harriet Galbraith, now 85 years old, the fabulous bride, was finally found. Galbraith had no clue where her pictures had gone for 30 years and had no copy of the same.


Reichard mailed them to the bride, who was anticipating to have one more glance at herself on her special day after all these years. In a series of follow-up posts, Poindexter revealed that Galbraith finally got her portraits back after 30 long years. “Harriet Galbraith now has the bridal photos in her possession! What a wonderful lady she is!” the caption read. "The one of me standing up was actually my favorite picture because it showed the gown," she said. "I'm just really pleased and thrilled," Galbraith added. Donna Reichard shared more mind-boggling and wholesome news in a repost. She wrote, “Harriet has her beautiful portraits back in her possession. We had the opportunity to share a precious moment with Harriet, thanks to technology. Ms. Harriet is delighted to call her a new friend!”


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