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Woman requests God to make her a tree in the next lifetime for reasons all women can relate to

'I am tired, God. Next lifetime, I really feel like I need to be a tree.'

Woman requests God to make her a tree in the next lifetime for reasons all women can relate to
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @breenotacomedian

For as long as humankind has existed, it seems women have always had to go the extra mile for even mediocre things. This can be an underlying reason why many of them feel frustrated at the circumstances life has presented them with. Brianna Frye (@breenotacomedian) had a hilarious take on being a woman. She wishes God makes her a tree in her next lifetime and her reasons are resonating with many. Her video has got 261K views and 13,566 likes on the platform.

Image Source: Instagram | @breenotacomedian
Image Source: Instagram | @breenotacomedian

Frye starts the video by sharing how she has become very tired of being a woman. She says, "I really just feel like God could have made me a dinosaur, or frog, or even a tree at this point. I'm fine with being a tree." She then highlights how society expected too many things from women, such as giving birth to children, taking care of them, buying a house, taking care of the aforementioned house, buying groceries, cooking food, and doing the laundry. Frye also expresses her frustration about having to experience periods.

Image Source: Instagram | @breenotacomedian
Image Source: Instagram | @breenotacomedian

She funnily suggests how she would prefer a text message rather than having to "bleed every month." The comedian lists out a few more things that a woman has to do and points out how it is all too much for one individual to handle. But more than these requirements, society also expects women to be "emotionally and mentally sane" after doing all of this. Frye highlights how these expectations increase when a woman goes to work.

"I am tired, God. Next lifetime, I really feel like I need to be a tree. I need to chill out for a couple hundred years,' she states and adds how she doesn't want to endure the human experience of being a woman again. Even after her hypothetical rebirth as a tree, she asks God to make her a man if she is ever to be a human again. Frye concludes the video by saying how she wants to be a tree and then an "uncle" to relax for a couple of hundred years.

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Women who watched her clip found her points valid and relatable, sharing their thoughts in the comments section. @starsrealty hilariously said, "And God, make sure it's a tree on a tropical island." @ninasosefina pointed out, "The way we are a part of the first wave of women to have an open dialogue about this shows how far we have to go for women in society." @slomokazi expressed. "That's the order: an uncle, then a tree."

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Alex Green
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Alex Green

Many women are presently suffering from a mental health condition called "superwoman schema." It is primarily attributed to black women in the modern world. The National Institutes of Health defines the condition as a need to refrain from expressing one's emotions to oneself. In addition to that, the condition would also force women to completely rely on themselves when dealing with fragile or negative emotions. It forces women to appear strong and independent while suppressing one's emotions in a highly unhealthy manner, leading to long-term effects on mental health.

You can check out Brianna (@breenotacomedian) on Instagram for more honest and comedic takes on many issues. 

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