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Woman refuses to move up in line until it has moved all the way forward, sparks debate

The woman was spotted in a line at the airport waiting in a queue and refusing to move forward immediately.

Woman refuses to move up in line until it has moved all the way forward, sparks debate
Representational Cover Image Source: Pexels | Gustavo Fring

Waiting in line is frustrating as it is but what happens when the person in front of you doesn't move up in line until it moves all the way forward? Does it fall under polite waiting-in-line etiquette?

A photograph of a woman in a line at the airport waiting in a queue but refusing to move immediately was posted on Reddit in the subReddit for "main character syndrome," r/ImTheMainCharacter. "This girl at the airport waits until the queue moves all the way forward to move," the Reddit post read. "People confronted her and she said 'It’s the same if I move now or later.'"

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit

While people cutting in line is often the most infuriating thing, a lot of people were angered by what they saw as disrespect. They even considered the woman in the photograph entitled and rude. u/UrbanSunflower962 wrote, "I would straight-up go around her," to which u/iBeenie replied, "Yeah I'm sure she would move up if she saw people starting to cut ahead. But it looks like she has a ton of baggage." u/Funrunfun22 said, "She loves how this bothers people. This is a psychopath having her meal. Energy vampire at work."

Image Source: Reddit/ResponsibleAnt9496
Image Source: Reddit/ResponsibleAnt9496

Many were also irked by the fact that she was just scrolling on the phone without any regard for her fellow passengers. But some people pointed out it's worse to have someone all up in your space while you're in line. u/Elfish_Pirate wrote, "On the flipside, there's those people who think moving ahead one picometre in a line is huge progress and will literally breathe down your neck." Others actually felt that the woman had a point.

u/bailaoban wrote, "Strong 'you're not wrong, you're just an a**hole' energy," to which faste30 replied, "This, she isn't technically wrong. I dont know how much of an a**hole though because what's the line situation behind her? Also looks like she has a TON of bags. Like I ride motorcycles and when traffic is just creeping I'll let some space go before I pull up because I have to use my hand to clutch and it gets tiring/annoying. I'm not doing it to be a sociopath, it literally work to pull up 5 feet every 10 seconds."

Others felt that her moving immediately or not doesn't make any difference after all. u/HarpoonNPuppies pointed out that the woman is only in the wrong because "it’s just against social norms, and it makes people FEEL like they’re being delayed." To this, u/qqererer said, "The 'feels' is the reason why people just don't get it. I would love to be right behind her, because she's totally correct. It makes no difference in the total amount of time it takes to move through the line, and doing it the way she does it, I only have to move one time, 20 feet, instead of 20 times, 1 foot." The comments were clearly quite divided on this woman's stance, no pun intended. What do you all think?

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