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Woman recounts how Target security potentially saved her life after they noticed something weird

The security personnel was vigilant enough to spot a danger following this female shopper and she was stopped at the checkout point to get alerted about it.

Woman recounts how Target security potentially saved her life after they noticed something weird
Cover Image Source: (L) YouTube | Nate The Great | (R) TikTok | @ninasotom

Target is possibly heaven for budget shoppers and you can find a wide selection of stuff that you might need. But one lady did not expect something like this to happen while shopping at a Target store. TikTok user Nina Sotom (@ninasotom) was stopped by a Target security personnel while she was wrapping up her shopping spree and making an exit. She was told not to leave after reaching the store's self-checkout section.

Image Source: TikTok | @ninasotom
Image Source: TikTok | @ninasotom

In a video uploaded by Sotom on the popular social media platform, she explained that she was browsing through the store for an hour and one of the employees checked her items with security tags and removed them for her while she paid. But after she was done with her purchase, the employee said that Sotom needed to stay there. A confused and shocked Sotom thought that she might be getting detained on suspicion of theft. But even after she checked her receipt and it matched the contents in her bag, she couldn't understand why the Target employee stopped her.

The employee at the self-checkout counter went ahead to help someone else but before that, she turned to the TikTok creator and said, "You can't leave." Just like anybody else would in that scenario, Sotom was losing her calm and she started getting anxious thinking that she was about to get arrested. "I remember grabbing my receipt and holding it flat out because I know that little camera up there can read the smallest print," she recalled. Meanwhile, the self-checkout worker spoke to another lady whom she assumed to be a secret shopper. But the woman who was presumed to be a secret shopper introduced herself as a security worker and when Sotom handed her the receipt, she was in for a shocking revelation.

The security worker explained to her that a man had been following her around the store and taking pictures of her for the last hour. "I’m so sorry I didn’t catch it earlier, I would have thrown him out," the security worker apologized, according to Sotom. After assuring the baffled shopper that the man was outside and can't harm her anymore, she was escorted to her car by the security worker who watched her get in to make sure she was okay. Sotom couldn't help but thank the security worker for her vigilance and thought that it was a great initiative by Target to take such measures in order to keep their customers safe.

Image Source: TikTok | @ninasotom
Image Source: TikTok | @ninasotom

"Even if that man was just being creepy and sending those pictures to a random person, it makes me as a woman feel so secure and so safe to know that other people are watching out for me and it’s not just me watching out for me," she reflected in her viral video which received over 1 million views so far. "Didn’t expect that at all so I’m glad they were paying attention and looking out for you," one TikTok user commented whereas another one called the security worker an "angel." Thanks to the watchful security staff at the store, a potential danger to Sotom's life was averted.

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According to Stop Street Harassment, about 75% of women have been followed by a stranger and 3.4 million people over the age of 18 are stalked every year. This incident that happened with Sotom serves as a huge example to all of us. Any time we are all by ourselves in a store or practically anywhere, we need to be aware of our surroundings all the time. Well, at the end of the day, the Target employee just proved that good people are still out there in the world.

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