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Woman reading a letter she wrote at age 13 to her future self has us all nostalgic

'I'm proud of you because I know we are capable of great things you are smart or you were and you can be smart again,' reads Michelle's letter.

Woman reading a letter she wrote at age 13 to her future self has us all nostalgic
Cover Image Source: TikTok/ @michelleskidelsky

We all wonder how will we be five years down the line or probably after 10 years. But have you ever wondered how you were when you were 13? Or the sort of thoughts and aspirations you had as a teenager. TikTok user @michelleskidelsky shared a glimpse of what her younger self thought and it felt relatable to many and left many people feeling nostalgic about their younger self's dreams and aspirations. She read out a letter she penned when she was 13 to her future self. "Couple of days ago I got an email from my 13-year-old self. When I was 13 I found this website where you could like schedule emails to be sent to yourself in the future and I wrote a bunch of these little letters to myself and I remember for the last one that I wrote I closed my eyes and I blindly pick the date that it would be sent on. So I guess the date was March 2023," she says in the video. 

Image Source: TikTok/ @michelleskidelsky
Image Source: TikTok/@michelleskidelsky


She sent the letter to herself on  March 22, 2016. Michelle goes on to read that letter in the video. "Dear future me, do you miss me? It's me, you. I really like these letters. Maybe this is the last one or maybe this is the first of many more that will come every day from now on." She adds that this is the last one. "I am very well that makes any difference. If I was you and I found out that my past self was very well I would be very happy. I hope you remember you are beautiful and deserve lots of awesome things," she says in the letter. The letter goes on to talk about the ambitions that Michelle had at that point. "Do you still want to be a doctor as I do - a psychiatrist?" Michelle says no and says that she is a communications major now.

Image Source: TikTok/ @michelleskidelsky
Image Source: TikTok/ @michelleskidelsky


"Now if your life has gone horribly wrong I'm sorry but your life was awesome at one point. And don't feel horrible about making your life horrible because at one point it was everything you wanted," Michelle wrote in the letter. After reading this line, she says, "Wise wise words." Then she continues to read the letter. "If your life is amazing huzzah I congratulate you on an amazing life," says the letter. "I'm proud of you because I know we are capable of great things you are smart or you were and you can be smart again." She laughs after reading this part.

"And that's all I have really got to say because I am sure you're busy with your life but on my behalf, I would like you to treat yourself to a doughnut of your choice. If you do not treat yourself to this donut I will be very upset. Just a reminder." Michelle mentions that she was battling with a raging eating disorder at this time so that was like my positive message to myself. "So go get back to your life and doughnuts. See you around!" she concludes the letter.

Image Source: TikTok/ @michelleskidelsky
Image Source: TikTok/ @michelleskidelsky


After reading the letter, this is what Michelle shared. "I honestly do think that 13-year-old me would be pretty happy with 21 or almost 20-year-old me. She will be very happy that I have a lot of followers on social media which would be a big thing that would make her happy. I don't know how upset she'd be about me not being a doctor. She knew deep down that we weren't good at Math," she says in the video.

Image Source: TikTok/ @michelleskidelsky
Image Source: TikTok/ @michelleskidelsky

The video went viral with about 2.8 million views and is captioned, "I used to do this!! don't let this fool you 13-year-old me was really annoying." Many on TikTok enjoyed the letter that she wrote herself. @alilbitlexi commented, "This is incredibly cute. I love it and I love your 13-year-old self. She's very sweet." @riddlerghoul wrote, "I wish I could go back in time and have my younger self do this." @suriohsiri expressed, "I would cry if I received a letter from my younger self. You did a great job back then." @deepfriedtowel pointed out, "Wow your confidence and self-love for yourself then and yourself in the future shines through so much. I love this energy so much."@maryamsh1_ commented, "Couldn't hold my tears, what an amazing version of you that little adorable girl."

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