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Woman with rare disability overwhelmed by people's response to sexy photos she was nervous to post

Rather than the body-shaming, confidence-shattering comments she anticipated, the 21-year-old saw that her tweet had gone viral with Twitter users praising her for being a sexy goddess.

Woman with rare disability overwhelmed by people's response to sexy photos she was nervous to post
Image Source: Twitter/Nila Morton

The internet doesn't exactly have the best reputation when it comes to being supportive and non-judgemental. In fact, social media is infested by faceless trolls ready to tear apart just about anyone for everything from their skin color, hairstyle, dressing, accent, race, heritage, culture, opinions, and the slightest indication of confidence. Therefore, when Nila Morton put on a smoking hot dress and was really feeling her inner sexy goddess, she had her reservations about posting photos on the internet. However, when the young woman from Greenville, South Carolina, ultimately decided to push her concerns aside, she was pleasantly surprised by the response she received.


According to Bored Panda, Morton was born with a rare condition called Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy which causes severe muscle weakness and requires her to use a wheelchair to get around. Fearing negative comments about her appearance from merciless strangers on the internet, she usually thinks twice before posting pictures of herself wearing a new dress or when she's going out. However, earlier this month, she decided to take a leap of faith and tweeted photos of her sexy going out outfit. 


When she checked Twitter a few hours later, rather than the body-shaming, confidence-shattering comments Morton anticipated, she saw that her tweet had gone viral with Twitter users praising her for going out of her comfort zone. Shedding its notoriously negative attitude for once, the Twitterverse came to her support with a collective "Yaaas, Queen!" Speaking of the moment she realized her tweet was going viral, Morton said, "The day that my post went viral, I was studying, honestly. Sundays are my study days, so I usually don’t be on social media. When I took a break, I saw how my post went viral and how most people loved my photos."







Despite having encountered many who've tried to bring her down, Morton revealed that she's happy with who is she as she is. "I’m human so I do have my days when I wish I could change something. [But] usually, I love how I look. I love my disability and my wheelchair. I call it my throne. That’s how I have confidence," she said. "Most people love my image which is shocking because I know society feels like people with disabilities don’t have a life. [But this is] false."






Speaking of the unexpectedly overwhelming positive response to her photos, she said, "[The Internet’s reaction] made me feel good. I don’t need validation because I know who I am and I love who I am. However, it does feel good to show people that people with disabilities can live life. They can be beautiful. Shoot, they can be sexy! We are still human. Knowing people can see that now in 2020 makes me feel better about posting it." Being the confident queen that she is, Morton has dreams of becoming a model one day so that she can show the world that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. "I want to become a role model to help people chase their dreams and not be ashamed of being who they are," she said.


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