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Woman raises over $12,000 for Gaza by using a simple yet efficient way for donations

She created a video filter with the Palestinian symbol for resistance and is encouraging people to use it on TikTok.

Woman raises over $12,000 for Gaza by using a simple yet efficient way for donations
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @xojourdanlouise

Life is a hard struggle for many people right now. Whether it is in Palestine or the Democratic Republic of Congo, individuals are finding it hard to even get through the day. It is important that people all around the world come together, empathize and do things in their capacity to help out those in need. Therefore, AR creator Jourdan—who goes by @xojourdanlouise on TikTok—came up with a 'Filter of Good' to organize a fundraiser where people can contribute towards the well-being of people in Palestine by doing what they love the most: creating videos. Her method was so successful that, in a matter of days, 3 million videos were created using the filter. This led to almost $7,000 being generated for the cause.

Image Source: TikTok/@xojourdanlouise
Image Source: TikTok | @xojourdanlouise

The filter has watermelon in it and users have to get it from one point to another. The reason Jourdan has used watermelon is because it is a popular symbol of the Palestinian struggle. As per Time, Israel banned the Palestinian flag in 1967. During such a time, Palestinians still showcased their solidarity with the help of watermelons because the fruits had the colors green, black and red which were also present in their flag. In the video, Jourdan updated her followers about the revenue she had earned after the filter was used 3.5 million times. She also explained how she would get the money from TikTok.

Image Source: TikTok/@xojourdanlouise
Image Source: TikTok | @xojourdanlouise

Jourdan showed the viewers her effect house. The effect house only accounted for 2.2 million videos since the dashboard was updated every 24 hours. She added, "This money is still in TikTok's world." The creator further explained the payout schedule of TikTok, in which rewards are collected for the filters throughout the month, but the revenue comes on the 15th. She puts it like this, "So all earnings generated from the month of November will be paid out on December 15th." Thereafter, she informed her followers that they had three months to generate $14,000, which was her objective while creating the filter. Fortunately, they are already at the halfway mark in a matter of days.

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Thereafter, she requests viewers to make informative videos using the filter. The creator suggests, "Use this filter while you're sharing updates on the current situation or sharing what you learned." She gives the example of BookTok which has been using the filter to direct viewers towards recommended readings by Palestinian authors. Jourdan asks people to use this filter while sharing Palestinian recipes or if beauty influencers want to have a go at it they can suggest brands that people need to avoid. She ends the video with the message, "Let's make sure that we're using this filter not only to do good, but also for good."


In her 2 million update video, the creator clarified the way the donations will be made. Initially, the revenue was to be distributed between Doctors without Borders and Easons. However, Easons recently declared that they were no longer able to help Palestinians. Therefore, Jourdan has now decided to make a call regarding the donations when she gets the money from TikTok.

Image Source: TikTok/@its_megafied
Image Source: TikTok | @its_megafied

The comment section was filled with people thanking Jourdan for creating such an easy and efficient way to contribute. @mooglemcfly expressed how she liked the way Jourdan approached the situation, "Thank you for being so transparent and informative on this. You truly are an amazing person for all this." @xoprinceali gave valuable advice to Jourdan about the earnings, "I know you said you'd give all the money to Palestine, but be mindful about taxes because the IRS would see this as an income!"

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