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Kind woman gets car for server who cycled 3 hours to work everyday. It changed his life

He was cycling 3 hours to work every single day to support his family. So, his co-workers decided to do something for him.

Kind woman gets car for server who cycled 3 hours to work everyday. It changed his life
Cover Image Source: YouTube | WRAL

Having a vehicle to drive to work or having a mobile phone might seem normal for some of us. However, it is a privilege for many as they struggle to function without private transportation every day. A man who works as a server at Texas Roadhouse was cycling for three hours to get to work every day to support his family, according to My Modern Met. When the staff and customers at the restaurant got to know about this, they were kind enough to donate money to gift him a car.


Samson Adams was riding his bike from Livingston County to his workplace in Paducah, Kentucky, about 30 miles every day. He had been working there for the past one month. It took about six hours for him, to and fro from work. Moreover, he had to often take breaks because he has diabetes. "I had no choice but to use a manual bike, and then that went out and then God came and blessed me with all this," Samson told WPSD6

It was Texas Roadhouse Community Ambassador Joelle Long and her husband Ryan who noticed that Adams was constantly tired at work. When they spoke to him and got to know his story. "I started picking him up. We started talking. The more I talked to him, the more I get to know him, the more I loved him, the more I felt like this guy really deserves someone to give him a little bit of help," Long said.


She posted on her Facebook page about Adams and asked people to donate to the cause. She wrote, "Friends please read (GoFundMe now in comments). We hired this awesome guy a few weeks ago. He is married with a 10-year-old. I kept seeing a bike in our parking lot, sure we have had people ride a bike to work in the past but here is the thing this guy rode his bike to work and home from Ledbetter. It takes 3 hours.

She added, "Then the tire on his bike busted a few nights ago and he walked it home. I gave him rides today mainly because I was in awe of his work ethic and determination. So, if anyone is selling a moped or a cheap car just to get from A to B until they can get on their feet, contact me, please. Today not many his age are willing to work so my respect level for him is pretty high."


Long was able to find Adams a car for $800 and had asked people to donate about $1000 so that she could cover his insurance and gas expenses. However, surprisingly, the campaign has already raised about $6295. 

Soon, Long called over Adams at work and recorded his response to this amazing news. The video clip was shared on Facebook. Adams couldn't believe what she was saying, "Really? You're lying. You bought me a car?" She clarifies that people got him a car. He instantly cries and has tears of joy in his eyes. "It is a dream, this doesn't happen to me," says the server. 


Talking about that moment when he was called, Adams thought that he was in trouble. "I forgot to do something or maybe I shouldn't have eaten that piece of bread on camera,” he said. “You know, something simple like that. And she was like no, you're not in trouble, I got news for you. We got you a car. Just basically I didn't know what to think.”

In another post, Long said that the remaining money from the donations will be used to relocate the family to a new apartment that was closer to his workplace. Moreover, now his three-hour ride has been reduced to a 30-minute drive to work, thanks to the new car. Adams calls the gift a true blessing. "Thank you very much, Paducah. Come and see me at Texas Roadhouse. My name is Samson. I'll be the best server I can be," said Samson.

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