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Woman gets racist neighbor evicted by hanging her Facebook posts around apartment complex

The White woman went on a rant over a parking spot and used the n-word multiple times and it was printed out and posted everywhere.

Woman gets racist neighbor evicted by hanging her Facebook posts around apartment complex
Image source: TikTok/@breezii_29

Trigger Warning: This story contains details of racism, racial slurs that some readers may find disturbing 

A White racist woman got evicted from her building after a neighbor posted screenshots of her using the n-word all over the apartment. A Black woman printed out Facebook posts and messages from her racist neighbor, Angela Michelle Jones, and hung them all around the complex including on Jones' door. Jones had also named the apartment number of a person she was targeting in her post. The Black woman who goes by Breezii on TikTok posted a video on the platform showing the printouts hanging around the apartment. “Meet my racist neighbor. She felt bold and comfortable enough to talk like this to other neighbors,” reads a computerized voice set against Blade Runner 2049 music, reported God.daily Dot.



Breezi's video starts with a picture of the apparently racist neighbor and her name splashed across the screen. She then showed a screenshot of a Facebook message in which Jones uses the n-word repeatedly. “This white honda b*tch as [sic] n****r that stole my spot is again backed into one and do is the n****r b*tch in 209 both of them back in this is 3 or 4 times they times they’ve done it n are getting away with it.” The printed screenshots are posted on Jones' door, the apartment bulletin board.

She ended up being evicted after she was exposed as a racist. The police showed up at her door as she was being evicted. Jones posted one final message after being evicted. “I'm getting evicted because it will [be] the third violation that the cops had to come here so I hope you guys are happy,” wrote Jones. Breezi also posted a video about Jones playing the victim after being evicted for being racist. Not to mention, she used the n-word in that message as well. Jones claimed she was frustrated over a parking spot and that's what led to her outburst. She also added that her friends were deserting her for being racist.



“[I] got caught up with the anger n venting with someone and it just kept piling up until I did the unthinkable I let the words dumb a n****r b*tch come into my messanger [sic].” She then added that she was quitting Facebook and isolating herself from the public. “I will be completely deleting FB soon as well as all other social accounts,” said Jones. “If I don’t isolate myself because of what I’ve done something might happen and I’ll just disappear. I don’t know what will happen to me but no one will care after this.” The comments on TikTok were turned off as the video was controversial. 


Many White people have no qualms about using the n-word, often arguing that it's 'not illegal' and that 'Black people use it then why can't we.' Ta-Nehisi Coates, an American author, and journalist, succinctly explained, in 2017, why people who use them matter and who they use them around. He pointed out the simple example of the use of the word 'honey.' He said it was perfectly acceptable for his wife to call him a 'honey' but it isn't appropriate when a woman on the street calls him the same. "The understanding is that I have some sort of a relationship with my wife. Hopefully, I don't have a relationship with this strange woman," he said. Coates pointed another example of his wife using the word 'bitch' with her girlfriends but it isn't the same when he used it. "We understand that it's normal, actually, for groups to use derogatory terms in an ironic fashion but why is there so much hand-wringing when black people do it?" he said.


Franchesca Ramsey argued that the historical context of the word matters. "The n-word comes from the Spanish and Portuguese word for black — 'negro,'" Ramsey explains in a YouTube video. "How do you take a completely benign word — the word for 'black'— and make it into a slur? Well, you have to look at the word's historical context. The n-word was used to describe black people as they were being stolen from Africa, put into slavery, chained, lynched, beaten, spit upon — so the word was created as a tool of oppression. Its historical context cannot be erased."

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