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Woman puts selfish boomer in her place, makes it clear that she won't tolerate entitlement

The woman ensured that the senior woman knew she would not get away with bad behavior so easily.

Woman puts selfish boomer in her place, makes it clear that she won't tolerate entitlement
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Anna Shvets; Reddit | u/Great-Tie-1573

Respecting older people is often instilled in us from a young age, but respect should be mutual. In one instance, Reddit user u/Great-Tie-1573 described being shoved out of a pharmacy line by an aggressive boomer woman. She shared what happened next and how she stood up to the senior woman.

Representative Image Source: Anna Tarazevich
Representative Image Source: Anna Tarazevich

"I was picking up medications at my local pharmacy. When it was my turn, I was called up. I got my medications and pulled my card out to pay," the woman recounted. A technician at the pharmacy was telling the woman about her medicines as she was paying. The woman was about to get done with her transaction, but then, "A boomer lady with smeared lipstick armed with a cell phone on speaker came up behind me, physically pushed me aside and threw her phone at this guy." The old woman yelled, "Talk to them. I said talk to them NOW." The woman noticed that the young person at the counter had gotten flustered because of the elder woman and requested her to stay back and let her finish her payment.

"She told me she would not. I got a little sharper and said, 'My medications are private and I need you to back up away from me until I'm done,'" the Reddit user shared. The old woman refused and rudely said, "Oh shut up, you a**hole!" The younger woman shared that people often mistake her for someone who would let things like this slide because she looks kind and sweet. However, that's really not the case. It was a high-income area and the woman belonged to a different neighborhood. "She was completely taken back when I cussed her up and down, clutching her pearls and such," the woman wrote. After that, the old woman steered clear of her, but the pharmacy manager found her and told her the old woman had been told to go away.


"She is banned from filling medications there for life. A small justice. I need to know where the entitlement and audacity are sold for such a low price," the woman wrote, concluding her post. People took to the comments to narrate similar incidents. u/Gingersnapperok, "Are you in Southeastern Oklahoma? I watched nearly this exact situation happen on Saturday. A rude boomer shoves her way in. The woman she accosts is very polite. The boomer escalates and a delicate-looking young woman explodes. Boomer cowers and slinks away. That made my whole weekend." The woman replied that it wasn't her.

Image Source: Reddit | u/wine_dude_52
Image Source: Reddit | u/wine_dude_52
Image Source: Reddit | u/Cultural_Pack3618
Image Source: Reddit | u/Cultural_Pack3618

u/Vicious_Lilliputian shared, "I had a foreign boomer try to cut the line in Walmart with six people behind me. She told me in her country, Abuela goes first. I told her that in my country, people wait in line for their turn and to get in the back of the line. No one wanted to let her cut and she stormed off." u/cheekycheeksy wrote, "This is proper boomer repellant response. You have to come hard and fast at them. They're used to no one calling them out and they definitely are inept when it comes to natural consequences. If you go hard and fast, they realize they are powerless and melt like the wicked witch of the west doused in water."

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