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Woman refuses to tolerate roommate's squabble over paying her share of the bills and ousts her

The woman was not paying rent because her family owned the accommodation. But she was dividing all other expenses equally.

Woman refuses to tolerate roommate's squabble over paying her share of the bills and ousts her
Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Photo by Karolina Grabowska, (R) Reddit | u/ThrowRa9981135

In order to thrive in any living situation, compromise is paramount. Roommates need to consider each other's needs while sharing space, things coming into the household, and people visiting. The biggest settlement that roommates need to consider is the money that goes into running the house. This topic has caused a wrench between u/ThrowRa9981135 and her roommate. The Reddit user believes her reaction to the increasing bills and her roommate's criticism was fair, which ultimately caused the latter to leave the arrangement. But now, after an apology, she feels that she might have gone a little overboard but got full support on the Internet over her decision to ousts her roommate. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels/ Photo by Liza Summer
Representative Image Source: Pexels/ Photo by Liza Summer


In the post, the author explained the situation in detail. She and her roommate were both in their early 20s and were mutual family friends. Their living arrangement included sharing utility bills and the roommate paying 300e for rent. The Reddit user was not paying rent because her family owned the accommodation. Even with rent, it was a catch for the roommate as the house had 2 bedrooms, living rooms, a kitchen and 1.5 bathrooms. Also, it was located in a good area. The parents arranged the living conditions and both of them were comfortable with it, or that is what the user believed.

Representative Image Source: Pexels/ Photo by Karolina Grabowska
Representative Image Source: Pexels/ Photo by Karolina Grabowska


The roommate, who is being called "D" in the post, had a friend referred to as "A," whom she regularly called to study. u/ThrowRa9981135 had no issues with it as she did not consider her harmful. Therefore, when D asked if the friend could stay over for a week, she happily agreed as she was also going on vacation at the same time. To her shock, the friend had not left even after she had come back. After some days, she went up and asked D, who informed her that the friend was having some troubles at home, so she would stay a bit longer. The Reddit user did not want to be pushed around and therefore, asked that the friend leave by the end of the week, which did not happen. In the meantime, she also had a guest over for a week about whom she informed D.

Image Source: Pexels/ Photo by 
Mikhail Nilov
Image Source: Pexels/ Photo by Mikhail Nilov


After 3 weeks, bills started coming in. As expected, they were far from usual. u/ThrowRa9981135 decided to call a meeting. She paid for the bills by working, while in the case of D, it was her parents paying for everything. She assumed that was the reason why D was not taking the topic of her friend seriously and getting her out. During the discussion, D refused to consider paying and u/ThrowRa9981135 joked, "Yeah, you're not, your dad is." It did not land very well, leaving D embarrassed, who went straight to her room.

The Reddit user felt bad and went to apologize. As she stood outside the door, she overheard D badmouthing her about the fact that she did not pay the rent. The Reddit user was shocked and decided not to let the arrangement go any further because of a lack of respect and barged in, asking D to leave. As she was leaving, u/ThrowRa9981135 asked her to explain everything, to which she got a reply, "The bills are twice as much as last month and Dad is going insane over why he has to pay this much when you even had a guest over." It further infuriated her as her one-week guest and their expense was getting compared to the spending done by D and her friend.

Later, both the families got involved and D shifted from the place with bitter feelings. Some days later, she received a message from D's friend A apologizing for everything. It made the user rethink the whole situation and whether she was in the right to ruin the setup over hurt feelings. She came to Reddit to ask whether she was in the right during this situation.

Image Source: Reddit/ u/abstractengineer2000
Image Source: Reddit/ u/abstractengineer2000


People in the comment section were mostly on her side. u/BananaKDM thought that the roommate was not in the right thinking that the expenses, which were mostly increased by her friend, should be shared, "NTA it's just pure logic. People are too soft and illogical these days. If she feels so inclined to help someone out then she should do so from her own pocket." u/Right_Bee_9809 gave some advice for the future, "NTA. Rooming with a friend is a great way to lose a friend. Find a roommate who seems responsible and charge the full rent."

Image Source: Reddit/ u/Competitive_News_385
Image Source: Reddit/ u/Competitive_News_385

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