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Woman puts her foot down and cancels brother's wedding after bride disrespects her deceased dog

The woman has been garnering praise for standing her ground and not caving in to the financial demands of the bride-to-be.

Woman puts her foot down and cancels brother's wedding after bride disrespects her deceased dog
Cover Image Source: (L)Pexels | Alex Green; (R) Reddit | u/toastandcrumb

Those who have pets consider them an inseparable part of their family, showering them with all the love and care they deserve. So, when these pets leave for their heavenly abode, it becomes extremely difficult for the family to deal with the pain and absence of their pooches. For this reason, one woman canceled her brother's wedding after his fiancee disrespected her late dog. The sister took to Reddit to ask if she was wrong to be mad when the bride-to-be insulted her dog. In her post, she wrote: "My brother (30) met his future wife (28 - Ella) at a party three years ago. Honestly, we never got along but I always tried to put up a peaceful front because my brother seemed blissfully happy with her. Ella was mean to me a lot. Like a LOT She would make comments about my weight, my makeup, and especially my dog. She hated animals and hated that I would bring my labrador, Toast, to my parents or my brother's house. It always just felt like something aimed to hurt me."

Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Jeremy Wong
Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Jeremy Wong


The woman had spent money generously for her brother's wedding preparations and when she asked for a reimbursement, her brother's fiancee insulted her and even said harsh words about her deceased dog. The post read, "What I failed to realize when I accepted the role was that to her, MOH (Maid Of Honor) meant planning the entire wedding. Like I was booking venues, florists, jazz band, everything. Even worse she expected me to put my credit card down for all of it. (My brother and she are not exactly well off and since I have a well-paying job I didn’t mind holding the deposits but it was starting to add up to a lot.) Every time I asked Ella about it, she would say that it would all be paid back by her parents before the wedding."

Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Engin Akyurt
Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Engin Akyurt


She wrote further, "I asked if she had received the updated receipt of everything owed when she exploded. She called me a whole line of terrible names but the one that stuck out was her saying 'What do you need the money for anyway? Your sick dog is dead now.' My beautiful Toasty died about a month before this after he fought the bravest battle with cancer. He was my soul dog and I was devastated. I blinked at her and simply left the room, having no energy to even respond to something so cruel. I went back to my car and after the 20 silent minute drive home, I parked the car and immediately called the vendors and canceled any deposit under my card. Every. Single. One. After almost 20 calls, all that was left of her wedding was the dress and the flower arch."

Image Source: Reddit | u/YouthNAsia
Image Source: Reddit | u/YouthNAsia


As for her brother, the woman "texted my brother a short explanation. I told him that every vendor would be contacting him if they wished to keep their services and they were now responsible for covering everything. And that I would no longer be attending. It was a matter of minutes before my phone started to explode and I just turned it off." The Reddit users understood her and came to the comments section to support her and praise her for putting her foot down. 

u/logicallies wrote, "They were never going to pay you back, it’s a good thing she showed how wicked she was before you got stuck with the bill. I’m sorry about your loss. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about what you did, they shouldn’t be getting married if they don’t have the money. " u/corgihuntress shared, "She was going to take you for all that money, and was just using you." 

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