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Woman purchases homemade comic from a kid for $1 and it is a humor-packed masterpiece

Though full of disproportionate figures and illegible fonts, the story of 'Dangerous Sausage' has become quite a sensation!

Woman purchases homemade comic from a kid for $1 and it is a humor-packed masterpiece
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Vlada Karpovich; X | @KeriWarbis

Comics are a delight to the eyes, given their visuals and intriguing plot. When filled with innocent creativity and naive humor, they become even more captivating. Keri Warbis—who goes by @KeriWarbis on X—posted a series of comics she recently purchased from her street. The twist? The comic was created by a kid. Warbis was thrilled with the plot and hilarious visuals, and she had to share them online. “Bought a comic called ‘Danger Sausage’ from a little kid who was selling their homemade comics on my street,” Warbis wrote in her caption. She followed up with threads showcasing the comic's out-of-this-world plots and handmade, spectacular illustrations.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Cottonbro Studio
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Cottonbro Studio

Despite its simplicity and messiness, the comic was made with heart. “One time there was a sausage and as you can see, he was no ordinary sausage, he was a dangerous sausage,” the comic read. The misaligned writing with an illegible font added to its adorable factor. Furthermore, the kid had also drawn the “Dangerous Sausage” to the best of their ability. “One day, he was battling the robot sausage,” the comic continued with vivid descriptions and hysterical additions of characters. The kid threw in colors, drawings, dialogue and every aspect of an ideal comic. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Mikhail Nilov
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Mikhail Nilov

The comic created by the kid gave away a thrilling plot. The “dangerous sausage” falls into trouble with enemies and follows up with battle till he is finally free. Though his plot had abrupt shots, his work did the job of getting out a chuckle. The story ended with the main sausage fighting and escaping the “black pudding and sama sausages.” “He was being chased by the black pudding and sama sausages. So, he pressed the button on his thing and it hit a plane and off he went,” the last page read. The kid beautifully ended the comic with visuals of a sausage hanging by an airplane and escaping. “£1 ($1.27) well spent, I’d say,” Warbis added in her caption. 



People genuinely enjoyed the comic, especially its unique plot and innocent drawings. His raw, young humor and hard work were appreciated by many. In another thread, Warbis shared another comic titled “Casserole King,” which she missed purchasing from the child. @autmnvortex wrote, “He needs to photocopy them or put the prices up!” @sickybloke made an artwork inspired by the kid’s drawing and boy, was it thrilling. The animated version of the dangerous sausage and the other sama sausages furious and ready to battle were mind-boggling.



@Cashmoneyninja wrote, “It’s been a while since anything hooked me in like that. Danger, suspense and sausages. It had it all. It’s better than anything Marvel has put out in years. 10/10.” Warbis also found the kid’s mom, Amelia Smith (@amelionic), who shares her child’s work on her page. On popular demand, she even shared a follow-up saying, “The sequel is in progress,” with another drawing by the young artist. @liamrjtucker exclaimed, “I like the bit where he pushes a button on the thing.” @twowackykids remarked, “Kid’s not charging enough for this masterpiece.”




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