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Woman points out the ways in which people underestimate the value of their ownself

She shares the common assumptions that people make about themselves that can be harmful in the long run.

Woman points out the ways in which people underestimate the value of their ownself
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @michellejones.g

Humans are not perfect but many times we all are prone to underestimating our own value and impact on the world. Michelle—who goes by @michellejones.g on Instagram—shared a helpful video with a few affirmations about things that people often tend to underestimate about themselves. She shares a few important assumptions that most people make without realizing it and how they can impact self-image in the longer run.

Image Source: Instagram | @michellejones.g
Image Source: Instagram | @michellejones.g

She begins the video by saying, "Here are some things that I think people underestimate." The first thing that most people underestimated was how important it was to show up for themselves. In a way, it's a kind of self-love to do the things one needs to do to keep themselves happy and succeed. Secondly, a lot of people did not properly comprehend the power of being able to love their own bodies.

Image Source: Instagram | @michellejones.g
Image Source: Instagram | @michellejones.g

With the rise of social media, we have set unrealistic goals for what the human body should look like. As a result, people follow fad diets and intense workouts, never finding satisfaction in the way their body looks. Michelle's third revelation is how people did not understand the impact of having positive thoughts. Entertaining positive thoughts can lead to a more holistic and uplifting outlook on life for many individuals. At the same time, having many negative thoughts can severely affect individuals and their approach to life.

Image Source: Instagram | @michellejones.g
Image Source: Instagram | @michellejones.g

Building on this, Michelle states her next point, saying, "I think that people underestimate what they're capable of." This goes to show how people often think too negatively of themselves and get convinced that they cannot achieve whatever they have set out to do. Instead, people should have more faith in their abilities. She concludes by saying how people underestimated what was possible for them and their true potential.

Image Source: TikTok/ @hopiedopie8
Image Source: TikTok | @hopiedopie8

In fact, words of affirmation can go a long way to help people find their way in life. Hope, a woman, received some very much-needed affirmation from a strange woman at one of the lowest points in her life. The woman's words made such an impact on her that she continues to remember and reflect on it almost six years later. She thanked the woman with a video posted on her TikTok account. The video is very short and has Hope staring lovingly into the camera with a text overlay.

The text reveals how the woman was present at a water when Hope's dad was yelling at her, accusing her of being stupid and ignorant. The woman looked at Hope, who was 12 years old at the time, in the eyes and mouthed, "You are not dumb; you are smart and beautiful. I'm sorry." For such a young girl, these simple words of affirmation went a long way. She revealed a few more details in the caption about how the woman came up to her later.

She writes, "I'll never forget her. She came up to me after that when my dad was in the restroom and said even more healing things." In retrospect, there was no need for the woman to become involved. But being a good samaritan, she stepped in to provide healing words to the little girl. Thankfully, her efforts did not go to waste as Hope remembered her words of support even now.

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