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Woman pays for groceries at Whole Foods using a chip implanted in her hand, sparking debate

Creator's hand-chip payment provides hope for easier and quicker payments in the future but many were left wondering if it could lead to a dystopian future.

Woman pays for groceries at Whole Foods using a chip implanted in her hand, sparking debate
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @chipgirl

Editor's note: This article was originally published on October 31, 2023. It has since been updated.

Chip implants used for daily tasks like opening doors or making payments might have sounded like science fiction a few years ago, but today it has become a reality. TikTok creator Burgundy Waller (@chipgirl) supposedly had a chip implanted in her palm back in 2020. According to her videos, she initially used the implanted chip to replace keys to unlock her house door and wardrobe. In her latest video, she unveiled that she can make payments using the chip, making life even more convenient for her. The video appears to have been taken down from her account but was reshared on Twitter by @BenSwann_, which has now gained over 154 likes and 56 reposts.

Image Source: TikTok/@chipgirl
Image Source: TikTok/@chipgirl

The video starts with Waller stating that she is at Whole Foods and will use her hand to pay for her groceries. She slowly places her hand near the card machine and waits, unsure if the payment will actually go through. She asks the cashier, "Did it work?" A second later, the machine flashes that the payment has been made successfully, and we see her shocked face. She ends the video by saying, "That's the coolest thing ever!" Individuals who watched the video were very curious about how the technology worked and shared their inquiries in the comments section. @TimKania suggested, "Apple Watch hidden under the sleeve?" This cannot be entirely discredited as Waller is wearing a full-sleeved top and could very easily conceal an Apple Watch on her arms.


Many other users insisted that it was not the chip in her hand that made the payment but instead a palm scanner. @olivermarks clarified, "It's not a chip in her hand; it's a palm scanner. I asked if anyone was using them at WF locally, and they said only a couple of people a day. It's creepy." Another user, @esmith_socal, highlighted the potential security risks, saying, "Much worse than that. They are using a biometric scan. So she is okay with giving her palm print as a payment method. That is just crazy. Apple Pay is infinitely more secure."

Image Source: TikTok/@chipgirl
Image Source: TikTok/@chipgirlhere

She also posted another video featuring her dog, where she talked about the implant. The video begins with a text overlay reading, "My name is chip girl," and Waller mouthing the words to the tune of the 'Microwave Popcorn' song by Bo Burnham. The camera then zooms into the dog and a text overlay reads, "Because you like potato chips?" The camera zooms out and she clarifies that it's because of the chip in her hand. She then clarifies that she uses it to open locked doors.

Image Source: TikTok/@OmgitsImg
Image Source: TikTok/@OmgitsImg
Image Source: TikTok/@shanda_panda400
Image Source: TikTok/@shanda_panda400

The short 10-second clip has gained over 20k likes and 44 comments on the platform. @alyviathomas commented, "My mom thinks that's weird, but it's fine, lol." Other comments mostly focused on her dog and inquired if she was thinking of getting another one. @megssll commented, "Just here to see if you bought her a doggy friend yet." Despite apprehension by many of the viewers, it is an interesting concept and might just become a mainstream option for many people in the coming years.

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