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Woman outsmarts man for being mean to an elderly lady at supermarket with a creative solution

An individual's clever response thwarts a man's cruelty towards an elderly lady, proving that kindness and wit can overcome mean behavior.

Woman outsmarts man for being mean to an elderly lady at supermarket with a creative solution
Representative Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | RDNE Stock project; (R) Reddit | u/CatchItonmyfoot

Being considerate to older members of society is not just a moral virtue but a sign of our maturity and humanity. These senior citizens have paid their dues and paved the way for future generations in their own ways. Moreover, it's important to remember that we all age and the kindness we offer today will be the compassion we hope to receive in later years. Reddit user u/CatchItonmyfoot shared how she got back at a man who behaved rudely toward an old lady.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Anna Shvets
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Anna Shvets


The woman had to visit the supermarket to get some things for a party she was throwing. She writes, "It wasn't my usual one as you have to pay for parking." Being a kind person, she offered her parking ticket to an old lady who appeared to be getting a shopping trolley. To her shock, she discovered that the elderly was being yelled at by another man, who the woman initially thought was her husband.

The lady declined the ticket but requested the individual's help to get her a trolley, so she helped her with that. She was walking back to her car when she found the same man from before yelling at the woman in very crass language. The individual could not stand by and watch the old woman getting mistreated. She pulled out her car and took out a few trolleys, which she kept behind the man's car, preventing him from being able to pull out.

Image Source: Reddit/CoderJoe1
Image Source: Reddit/u/CoderJoe1


She writes, "I don't think he saw me, so I hope that he reversed his car into them and damaged it." She ended the post requesting other people to be nicer to elderly people and remarking, "Social justice done for the day." People on the platform praised the individual for her quick action in the comments section. u/Complete_Memory_8803 said, "People like you make the world so much better!" Another user, u/LulouProper, said, "Carts are a lot easier to flip over than turn right side up, just saying." u/Suzkel commented, "I absolutely love that you did this. Good job."

Image Source: TikTok | @saffy540
Image Source: TikTok/@saffy540


An older woman's wise perspective on aging that she shared on TikTok highlights why it is crucial for us to treasure the elder members of our society. Amanda (@saffy540) used the video to share how her perspective on aging changed as she went through it. She talks about how, as women grow older, they need not worry about unwanted romantic attention from men and how that frees a woman.

Image Source: TikTok | @saffy540
Image Source: TikTok/@saffy540


She also says that being comfortable with turning old was indicative of being relaxed in one's own skin. Amanda stated, "I am at the age where men no longer find me attractive and I can say it is absolutely a gift. It is so f**king freeing." She goes on about how she spent almost a week vacationing in Mexico wearing a swimsuit by the pool and not being worried about how someone would judge her attire. She said, "Enjoy your beautiful skin while you have it. But look forward to the day when you just don't have to anymore."

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