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Woman names her child after stepdad who raised her in a heartwarming moment

He couldn't hold back his tears and started crying after realizing that his granddaughter is named after him.

Woman names her child after stepdad who raised her in a heartwarming moment
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/Right_Leg_7483

Contrary to the common misconception that step-parent and step-children relationships are always fraught with difficulties, there are instances where they can blossom into strong bonds, even resembling friendship or mentorship. Such is the heartwarming story of one woman who chose to name her daughter after her stepfather, the man who played a pivotal role in raising her. The touching reaction of her stepdad to this heartfelt gesture has captured the internet's attention, evoking a flood of emotions and touching the hearts of many.

Image Source: Reddit/ u/Right_Leg_7483
Image Source: Reddit | u/Right_Leg_7483

In a beautiful video posted on Reddit by u/Right_Leg_7483, there can be seen a newborn child and her mother asking her stepdad, "Guess what her last name is?" After a few seconds, he guesses, "Hoyt" and she responds, "Yeah." He can not hold back his tears and starts crying while keeps hopping in disbelief and happiness. The text overlay in the video reads, "Your stepdad who raised you since you were a baby finds out you gave your baby girl his last name." The heartwarming video has about 52k upvotes on Reddit. It is captioned, "She gave her baby the same last name as her stepdad who raised her."

Image Source: Reddit/u/Right_Leg_7483
Image Source: Reddit | u/Right_Leg_7483

Many on the internet loved the sweet moment between the stepdad and her daughter. u/ok_Volume_7260 commented, "Man this is the sweetest thing I've seen today." u/Critical-Art-9277 expressed, "That's absolutely amazing. He's so emotional and happy. What a sweet precious moment. So heartwarming." u/Oonz1337 shared, "I was adopted by my stepfather at 12 years by my own choice. Hadn’t seen bio dad in years. I took his last name immediately and he now has 3 grandkids that have his last name." u/Glittering-Example24 wrote, "As a stepdad who has raised a little girl with my own two daughters this hits hard. I have always told them family is not necessarily blood."

Image Source: Reddit/ u/Extension-Agent-7204
Image Source: Reddit | u/Extension-Agent-7204

This stepdad surely set a great example as a parent and was there for her stepdaughter for all those growing-up years. It is why he deserved to be honored by naming his granddaughter after him. 

Image Source: Reddit/ u/LadyEncredible
Image Source: Reddit | u/LadyEncredible



In another beautiful moment between a stepdad and a stepdaughter, a man went on his knees and read vows for his stepdaughter, which says, "Autumn, someday you are going to stand up here wearing a pretty dress just like Mom until then I hope that I can show you what true love looks like and I hope that I can show you what kind of a man you deserve to marry." It was posted on Reddit by u/Halceon441.

He continues, "I promise to always believe in you, to always support your dreams and I promise to always hold your hand and walk by your side. You will never be alone because you will always have your stepdad. I love you," the girl says, "I love you too" and he puts a ring on her finger with a mickey mouse on it and they hug. 

Image Source: Reddit/ u/Halceon441
Image Source: Reddit | u/Halceon441

In the clips, the girl is seen standing with her mother in a beautiful violet dress and her stepdad is looking lovingly at her. Later, they both also danced together and celebrated the big day. The internet thinks he will set a great example as her stepdad. A user, u/Zevojneb, wrote, "We know that a good parental figure is important for a woman not to lower her standards in her future relationships and that the parents' relationship is a model for the children's future."

Image Source: Reddit/ u/Halceon441
Image Source: Reddit | u/Halceon441

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