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She chanced upon late brother's journal while cleaning closet. What she read next left her overwhelmed

The woman had read other journals of her brother but the one she found in the closet hit her differently for a wholesome reason.

She chanced upon late brother's journal while cleaning closet. What she read next left her overwhelmed
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay; Twitter| @buttanyc

There is something magical about love that a person feels for their close ones even when they are not around. Distance, death or any other events may take away a person but not the overwhelming love that finds its way through. A young woman shared a heart-melting post on Twitter revealing how she feels the love of her late older brother even today. @buttanyc explained that her brother had passed away at the age of 11, shortly after she was born, but she found something that filled her with a fresh and flooding boost of his love for her.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Anna Shvets
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Anna Shvets

While tidying a closet, she uncovered his journal, filled with tear-jerking and tender words dedicated to her. “He had a whole section in his journal dedicated to me and how excited he was to be a big brother,” the young woman wrote before she revealed the page of the journal. At the age of 11, with his broken handwriting and purest emotions captured on paper, the sister mentioned that from all his journals, this one touched her heart the most. “He was mad young but sounded so mature and serious about life. He was talking about the Spice Girls and how he wanted to be with one of them like, boy!” the sister wrote in another thread.

In the picture of the journal dated back to ‘98 was a small paragraph titled “My baby sister.” It read, “My baby sister was born on ____. She is 5 days old and very little. My sister is going to grow up and be in the same school as me. What is my little sister going to be? We’ll find out when she starts talking.” The paragraph ended with, “I love my mom and baby. I hope my sister grows up to be like me.” In the shortest and most simplistic way, her late brother explained the anticipation, love, hope, excitement, gratitude and so much love he had for his sister at such a young age.


He truly would have treated her like his princess. In another thread, the woman shared images of her late brother and penned a heartwarming caption. She wrote, “Gonna leave this here, my brother was filled with love and was loved by so many. He lived a wonderful life. I'm happy that I found this notebook because he goes into detail about everything! His nickname was Butta and that is the nickname I go by now, I grew up to be just like him.” People left condolences and love for the young woman in the comments.


@nogumhundo said, “This one hit me in the chest. I can't even lie.” @annakalene_ said, “This is beautiful...sending my deepest condolences to you and your family. He spoke well of you and as you read that he is in heaven smiling down a proud big brother.” @hugetulip said, “You can tell by the way he writes that you are so loved by him. So excited for your future. So concerned for your well-being. That’s a good big brother.” @TolesJoann said, “I am so close to my big brother and would be crushed to lose him. I’m glad you have that treasure. Something tells me he still watches over you.” 



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