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Woman stumbles upon heartwarming discovery in her late dad's list of things he loved

'My sister found this list she wrote with my dad just before he died 12 years ago,' she shared on Reddit, along with a photo of the note.

Woman stumbles upon heartwarming discovery in her late dad's list of things he loved
Cover Image Source: Reddit/u/glimmergirl1

It often tends to be emotional when we find old things from a deceased family member, especially if it's from a parent. It could be an old diary, card or family picture. No matter what it is, it tends to bring back all the memories one had with that person. Similarly, a daughter found a note about the things her father loved and she was surprised to know that seeing her come home every time was one of the things he cherished the most.

Reddit user u/glimmergirl1 shared a picture of the note with the caption: "My sister found this list she wrote with my dad just before he died 12 years ago. I lived several hours away from them at the time and his second favorite thing was seeing me coming to visit him."

Image Source: Pexels/Liza Summer
Image Source: Pexels/Liza Summer


The note reads: "Dad Loves: watching his girls joke with each other, waiting for [u/glimmergirl1] to pull up in her car, giving grandkids stuff he got them, pudding snack packs, cinnamon apple sauce, pancakes, coffee, movie: 'Fried Green Tomatoes,' Arby's french dip, cherry ice cream, squirty whip cream, gingerbread, tuna fish and Pittsburgh Steelers."

Image Source: Reddit/glimmergirl1
Image Source: Reddit/glimmergirl1

The heartwarming post has about 571 upvotes and tugged at the heartstrings of several Reddit users.

Image Source: Reddit/ZeusThatNewf
Image Source: Reddit/ZeusThatNewf

Many on the platform could understand how the daughter felt when she found the note. u/daedra88 commented, "This is so sweet and wholesome." u/ZuestThatNewf expressed, "As a girl dad, this made me smile and warmed my heart. Thanks for sharing." u/Final-Ad3772 wrote, "This is just the sweetest." u/Chenaur commented, "I thought I was the only one who liked the french dip at Arby's. I'm so so sorry for your loss. I was a daddy's girl and miss mine all the time."

In another wholesome dad-daughter story, a father who goes by the username @rachsullivan_ _ on TikTok can be seen choosing an outfit for his daughter for their dad-daughter date. "We're going to have a lunch date," he says in the adorable clip. "The outfits that I picked out are spring vibes."

He then brings out the first outfit, which is a green and white flowery dress. "It still got like a wintery feel but also like moving in the spring," he says about the dress. "Again, kind of wintery but moving in the spring," he says of the second top which is a white and green top. He adds an overall above the top and says, "I just think they will be so cute."

Image Source: TikTok/@rachsillivan_ _
Image Source: TikTok/@rachsillivan_ _

Meanwhile, he takes out another dress that has a flowery pattern all over it. He says, "This screams like we are going out for lunch. But if you can feel it, it just feels nice, little neckline to it." He then turns to his daughter and asks, "What do you think? A, B or C." He laughs and says, "She's not helping a ton."

Finally, he makes her wear the last dress and the child is seen smiling and making sounds, for which he says, "She even knows she looks cute as hell." He then says, "I don't know what to do about the legs because it's in the 70s but that ain't that warm." He ends up making her wear mermaid bottom pants and overall the outfit looks super cute. 

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