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Woman lists 20+ things about America that are 'clearly a scam' but considered 'normal'

The TikToker savagely called out the numerous scams that've been pushed down the average American's throat as the supposed "normal."

Woman lists 20+ things about America that are 'clearly a scam' but considered 'normal'
Cover Image Source: TikTok/@bree_ann_uhh

If someone were to take on the challenge of listing out all the things in the world that are touted as "normal" and for our "own good" when in reality they're the cause of most of our unhappiness, they'd probably need a lifetime to complete the task. And since no one has that kind of time in their hands — thanks to this hectic rat race we're all engaged in — perhaps it would be a bit more effective to set our sights closer to home and take a look at the thing America considers normal. TikTok user @bree_ann_uhh recently contributed some important points to this list in a now-viral series of videos that savagely called out the many scams that have been pushed down the average American's throat.

She kicked off her list with "trickle-down economics," followed by how "everything's decided by credit but in order to get credit, you have to go into debt." The TikToker spared no time or words as she ticked off the many "scams" that are perpetuated as the norm. "Being conditioned to believe that it's impolite to share your salary with your coworkers when really it's just something companies made up so they don't have to explain why they pay some people more than others. You can die for your country at 18 but you can't drink a beer. Similarly, you can go into thousands of dollars in debt the moment you graduate high school but you can't rent a car until you're 25."

Image Source: TikTok/@bree_ann_uhh

"That health care is a privilege, not a right," she rallied on. "That people on welfare are the ones taking all your tax money when clearly, it's the military. That lobbying and corporations are funding politicians so they work for them instead of a government for the people — which is what it's supposed to be. That working five out of seven days a week your entire life is normal. Who decided that?!"


As the first video in the series seemed to hit a nerve for most American netizens, @bree_ann_uhh soon returned with two more videos and more American scams. "High school will teach you the Pythagorean theorem but won't teach you how to balance a budget or change a tire. [The] average cost of daycare in America is $800-$1200 a month just so the parent can go to work! The cost of college; period. That you have to pay a fee to withdraw your own money from ATM even though you already pay a fee to have a bank account," she pointed out in the second video.

Image Source: TikTok/@bree_ann_uhh

Part 3 in the series featured many more truth bombs as the TikToker called out the mess that is the health insurance system, the IRS, and America's pathetic response to climate change. "That Republican lawmakers will rail about how socialism is bad while accepting their taxpayer-funded healthcare. That recognizing the problems of the country and talking about it out loud means that we are lazy Democrats who don't want to work. I wanna work, I just don't want to struggle every moment of my life," she concluded.




The videos soon took off on other social media platforms where many netizens vehemently agreed with the points the TikToker presented. "Bro I just want to go to a doctor so bad. A dentist. A foot doctor. A chiropractor. All of it. But like fuck me I'm too 'rich' to qualify for help but too broke to actually visit one. Just spent over $200 just for medicine and the issue still ISN'T fixed. Yes thank you USA," tweeted @thighasaurusrex









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