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Woman left in stitches over mom's extravagant response to being asked to bail her from work

A mother's made-up excuse for her daughter to leave work early has had people everywhere laughing their hearts out.

Woman left in stitches over mom's extravagant response to being asked to bail her from work
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels |, X | @lunakimm

We have all gone through situations where we might need to get off from work early and to do that, we need to cook up some excuse. Most of the time, a simple excuse is enough. However, there are times when excuses, made-up or not, come out to be completely hilarious. Kim, who goes by @lunakimm on X (previously Twitter), shared a hilarious post detailing how she had asked her mom to text her with some excuse so she could show her manager to leave work and her mom overdid it with her reply. The post has gone viral, with nearly 5 million views and 256K likes.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Charlotte May
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Charlotte May


We get to see a blurred-out chat window of the woman's chat with her mother, where she presumably asks her to make up some kind of excuse so she can leave work. Her mom supposedly wanted to help her daughter out and decided to give the funniest excuse ever. The woman writes, "You have to come HOME right now, your dad has been arrested AGAIN." Somehow, the woman felt that that was a viable excuse for her daughter to leave work.



People on the platform were quite impressed with the mother's excuse for her daughter and chimed in with their thoughts about it in the comment section. @fairy_duststash said, "I mean, the urgency of the situation was delivered properly." A few others pointed out how her mother was putting in extra effort for her to take a few days off work. @tessalyn617 pointed out, "Your mom is giving you a reason to take more than one day off. 'Oh, we have to visit dad at the prison upstate,' 'Oh, dad has court today.''" Kim replied to her own post, saying, "My manager just told me he found my Twitter," so maybe her mom's excuse did not work out, even though it was quite good.


Somehow, it seems that most people have less of a filter while they text, which provides an opportunity for a lot of comedy. Kate Mooney (@yatinbrooklyn) shared a post on X about her conversation with her landlord over text concerning a rat problem in her apartment. She captioned the post, "My neighbor and I both had mouse sightings this week. Here's how our landlord responded." His first response was to ask them if they had "access" to a cat.


Mooney expressed a disapproving reaction but disclosed that she owned a dog. The landlord then inquired, "Do you object to having a cat stay for a few weeks?" Mooney found the question puzzling, prompting the landlord to explain, "Cats are effective at catching mice and their scent can deter mice from returning." The conversation continued, with the landlord being quite proud of himself for coming up with such an ingenious solution to the problem.


Next, the landlord proposed a plan where the cat would rotate living with each tenant for a week to catch and eliminate the mice. Additionally, the landlord assured that the cat would be accompanied by a litter box and a caretaker to provide food. This ingenious and amusing solution impressed the tenants, making it a hassle-free experience altogether.

You can follow Kim (@lunakimm) on X and Instagram (@kimberlylunaa) for more lifestyle-based content.

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