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Woman has hilarious interaction with roommate when he bans her from showering while on periods

The age-old myths and fictitious around menstruation are as enraging as they're silly. What's sillier is the fact that some people still believe them to be true.

Woman has hilarious interaction with roommate when he bans her from showering while on periods
Representative Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Nataliya Vaitkevich, (R) Reddit | u/LaughingHousemateTA

Menstruation, a natural and recurring phenomenon in the lives of many individuals, often leaves some men bewildered. The sight of blood isn't exactly an enigma, yet the lack of understanding and empathy surrounding periods can be astonishing. For those who menstruate, it's a monthly occurrence that can bring discomfort for some and not for others. It's a part of life that should be acknowledged and respected. However, misunderstandings can sometimes lead to unnecessary drama. A Reddit user, u/LaughingHousemateTA, shared one such story of a man's mindboggling thoughts about a menstruating woman taking a shower.

Representative Image Source: Pexels/Karolina Grabowska
Representative Image Source: Pexels/Karolina Grabowska

The 31-year-old woman shares a house with a male roommate, Jack (30), who had no prior experience living with women besides his mother. Ironically, Jack claims to be a feminist and prides himself on his awareness of women's issues. He rejects the notion of "no uterus, no opinion," asserting that it's his duty to be informed about issues that could affect him as a potential father or husband in the future. While his intentions seem noble, it's the inconsistency in his understanding that becomes evident in this particular incident.

Like many women, the Reddit user experiences periods every month. However, due to a medical condition called vaginismus, she relies on pads instead of tampons or cups. Her usual routine involves showering, drying off in the shower and then putting on a fresh pad and clean underwear, all while ensuring the bathroom remains tidy. This routine had been uneventful until a situation arose. During a heart monitor test that prevented her from showering for 48 hours, she jokingly expressed concern about surviving without her nightly shower. It was during this lighthearted conversation that Jack made a bewildering statement. He questioned how this situation differed from her period, suggesting that she couldn't shower during her menstrual cycle without using a tampon. Perplexed by this statement, she laughed, assuming he was joking.

Image Source: Reddit |
Image Source: Reddit | u/Expensive-Day-3551
Image Source: Reddit |
Image Source: Reddit | u/bythebrook8

Jack's reaction to her laughter revealed a significant gap in his understanding of women's hygiene routines. He expressed concerns about hygiene and infection, apparently under the impression that she hadn't been showering during her period as she couldn't use tampons or a menstrual cup. When she explained her inability to use tampons, Jack shockingly suggested that she be "banned" from showering during her period. Her laughter at this suggestion was met with anger.

Despite her attempts to reason with Jack, he insisted on enforcing this "ban" and even proposed that she bleach the bathroom after every shower during her period. She found this demand unreasonable, given that it was a shared house, and it would be impractical and unfair to impose such stringent rules on her alone. Jack's complaints to other housemates about the situation led to divided opinions. Eventually, the woman asked the Reddit community whether to follow the roommate's request, as she was a bit confused after their conversation.

Image Source: Reddit/u/Old-Advice-5685
Image Source: Reddit/u/Old-Advice-5685

While some found Jack's stance absurd and supported the woman, others suggested finding a compromise. u/cofeeholik75 added their point, "I vote HE showers at the gym. OP gets control of shower at home for one week, and promises to bleach shower when the period is over." u/aggie82005 added, "Logically, if it caused infections he should have been dealing with them every month now... but I'm going out on a limb and saying this hasn't happened. He should have to call his mom and talk to her about how it works. Hopefully, she's not doing some weird thing and can set him straight."

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