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Woman impersonates a nurse at an anti-lockdown protest and people are playing 'spot the mistakes'

The woman dressed up in some creased blue scrubs and held up a "Nurses 4 Opening" sign at a protest.

Woman impersonates a nurse at an anti-lockdown protest and people are playing 'spot the mistakes'
Image Source: Twitter/@smoothposer

As far as anti-lockdown protestors are concerned, things are all fine and dandy in the world right now except for governments unfairly separating them from their hairdressers and gyms. Forget the rising coronavirus death toll, the healthcare workers who've sacrificed their safety to treat the infected, the essential workers who lost their lives to the virus after showing up for work to keep things running smoothly for the rest of us, and the experts who present us with clear facts and numbers—the only thing that matters to them is reopening the economy. 



And they're ready to go to any length to get their way. Aside from a clear disregard for their own safety and no grasp of the seriousness of the global health crisis, many of these protestors have displayed an utter lack of empathy for those most vulnerable to the virus. While we could easily go on for days debating the reason for their callousness, today I'd like to call your attention to this really fun anti-lockdown protestor game netizens are playing right now. Full disclosure, all credits for this fun quarantine time game goes to this one woman—let's call her Karen—who impersonated a nurse at one such protest and did a really shabby job at that.

The fake nurse Karen is seen holding a "Nurses 4 Opening" sign while dressed in some blue scrubs. The message is clear. She—a supposedly authentic medical professional—believes it's pointless to keep businesses closed and people in their homes for their own safety. She wants kids back in schools, restaurants and bars packed with customers, and roads lined up with traffic. Everything back to normal. Problem is, Karen here missed out on a few subtle and some not-so-subtle details when pretending to a healthcare worker.

Image Source: Twitter/@smoothposer


Let's start out with some of the obvious ones, shall we? Notice that "oh honey, you're fooling no one" DIY-ed nurse badge? Unless Nurse Karen forgot her official badge at the Karen cult head office, did she really expect to fool people with that lame as sharpie work?



Seriously, what is it with conservatives and sharpies?



Anyhow, netizens lost no time putting their detective skills to work and picked apart every major and minor detail the fake nurse got wrong. 





















This little stunt comes just weeks after the chairwoman of the Arizona Republican Party encouraged those protesting the lockdown to dress like healthcare workers. According to CNN, Kelli Ward, a former state senator, tweeted late last month that people participating in protests to end the government-imposed closures of regular business should wear scrubs and masks. "Planning protest to #ReOpenAmerica? EVERYONE wear scrubs & masks - the media doesn't care if you are really in healthcare or not - it's the 'message' that matters," she wrote. Her tweet came a few days after she questioned the authenticity of the health care workers who counter-protested against people in Colorado calling for the state to reopen.



"EVEN IF these 'spontaneously' appearing ppl at protests against govt overreach (sporting the same outfits, postures, & facial expressions) ARE involved in healthcare - when they appeared at rallies, they were actors playing parts #Propaganda #FakeOutrage," Ward tweeted at the time. She didn't receive much support for her statements from the Arizona Democratic Party, however, which slammed her words as an attempt to mock health care professionals. "If anyone's status as a health care professional should be questioned it's Dr. Kelli Ward's, considering her unwillingness to promote the advice of health experts. Irresponsible, shameful tweets like this do nothing to help people afflicted with the virus or the health care heroes who are working to save lives," said Matt Grodsky, the Arizona Democratic Party spokesperson, in a statement.


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