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Woman starts hilarious photo series of husband trying to make the bed for first time in 45 years

This husband found his true calling in bed making after retirement, and he's giving us some serious pillow stacking inspiration.

Woman starts hilarious photo series of husband trying to make the bed for first time in 45 years
Cover Image Source: Facebook/Joanne Sterling

Editor's note: This article was originally published on May 19, 2020. It has since been updated.

For 45 years, Joanne Sterling diligently made the bed every day after she and her husband, Jim, woke up. She single-handedly ran a tight ship at home and Jim really never had to worry about anything. However, when the two of them entered retirement, Joanne—from Manson, Washington—decided it was time for her beloved husband to start pitching in around the house and help her out with daily chores. Jim agreed, and together they decided that he'd take over bed-making duties henceforth. 


As it turns out, Jim is a natural when it comes to making the bed. However, there's one element of the whole process that he just can't seem to figure out: What does one do with the damn decorative pillows? To his credit, Jim didn't let this particular snag deter him from completing the task and began experimenting with the placement of the extra pillows. Every day he comes up with new and amusing ways to make the bed and Joanne, for one, is absolutely enjoying her husband's creativity. She began documenting his daily arrangements and sharing them on Facebook for their friends to see and it's been a huge hit so far.


Sharing the first of the series earlier this month, she wrote: After 45 years Jim is in charge of making the bed every morning. I don’t think he knows what to do with the extra pillows. Speaking to Bored Panda about how this cute little daily ritual came to be, Joanne said, "Jim was put in charge of making the bed because I have always taken care of everything in the house while he was working. Now that we are retired, it’s time for him to pull his own weight around here!"


Although Jim started off by just making his side of the bed, Joanne soon asked him to take care of the whole bed while he was at it. "He did and started playing with the pillow arrangements to make me laugh," she explained as to how the creative arrangements came to be. "I hope it lasts for a while but I don’t know how creative he can get."


Jim has tried a number of different arrangements so far, right from hiding Joanne's fancy pillow altogether to simply giving up traditional placement rules and stacking them all up in the middle of the bed.


However, as the series gained popularity online, Jim did experience a little bit of an artistic block and decided to take a day off.


"He learned he was getting some attention online and let the pressure get to him," Joanne revealed. Thankfully, Jim overcame his sudden popularity really soon and came back with a seriously amped-up bed-making game.


"I can't believe people are so amused by this," said Joanne. "We try to make our relationship last by making each other laugh. I'm so glad people have been able to relate during this difficult time."


Jim has now begun using accessories to keep the bedroom magic fresh for his beloved wife and we must say, that's quite some skills he's got there.


Although, we do wonder what Mr. Bill did to deserve being put in pillow jail.


Imagine walking into the bedroom and seeing this:


Can't wait to see what you come up with next, Jim!

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