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Woman has the best response to people saying her 'hot' husband is 'doing charity' by being with her

She makes videos highlighting her 'banging' personality and does not care that her husband is considered hotter.

Woman has the best response to people saying her 'hot' husband is 'doing charity' by being with her
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @hazelmcbrideauthor

Editor's note: This article was originally published on January 27, 2023. It has since been updated.

People often compare the two individuals in a relationship based on their earnings, their personalities and their physical attractiveness. The partner who is deemed less attractive according to societal beauty standards is often trolled for dating or marrying a conventionally attractive person. Such comparisons are ridiculous and they can be embarrassing or demoralizing for those who are being body shamed and criticized. Not for Hazel McBride, though. This woman has spoken up about experiencing online harassment for having a husband that some people find more attractive than she is. 

Image Source: TikTok/hazelmcbrideauthor
Image Source: TikTok/hazelmcbrideauthor


Hazel McBride, 29, mocked this attitude on TikTok by calling herself "average looking" and her husband Paul "insanely hot." Paul, her husband, presumably "cares about inner beauty instead of looks," according to a TikTok user. Hazel replied to this by saying, "Maybe because his personality is *average* and mine is *banging,*" reports Tyla. Hazel has been rightly stressing the fact that there is more to a person than their outward appearance. 

She posted a video of herself gazing affectionately at her husband and captioning it, "When are we gonna see insanely hot men with average-looking women?" Speaking candidly about their relationship, Hazel said that they first connected while on vacation in Tenerife, where she had previously worked as a killer whale trainer, four years ago. Hazel, who is now an author and host of a podcast, frequently creates content about how her spouse appears to be more attractive than her.




A social media user earlier made fun of her by writing: "He is literally doing charity work by being with her." However, she was quick to establish that isn't the case and her video has gathered more than 11.4 million views from people across the platform. Many TikTok users who saw the video felt that Hazel was just as gorgeous as her husband. TikTok user @jintymia said, "She’s very dressed down on purpose for this. It’s a joke. She’s fabulous. Look at her other posts. Gorgeous couple." 

TikTok user @m___q___t1 wrote, "We see a happy couple together and that's what matters." Another person @sloththesloth1 said, "Yall need to let people admit they're average looking, it's not an insult to be average. It's toxic positivity to disregard how someone sees themselves."



A Tiktok user assumed she was looking for compliments while another questioned whether her husband's good looks made her feel self-conscious. "Nope! I am so secure in our relationship and in myself," Hazel replied to these comments. The video is an example of a TikTok trend in which women who are considered less glamorous use the platform to express pride in their gorgeous partners and in themselves. Hazel and several other women are in happy and secure relationships and do not care much about those who consider them less attractive than their partners.

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