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Woman has a fun and wild dating tip that is blowing people's minds: 'The cavoodle method'

She created this method that helps anyone be more memorable to their partner at the start of the relationship.

Woman has a fun and wild dating tip that is blowing people's minds: 'The cavoodle method'
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @pheveya

When we hear the word cavoodle, we probably think about the dog breeds that are cross-bred between Spaniels and poodles. However, somehow, this word has made its way into the territory of a rising trend on TikTok and there are several creators making videos mentioning this word. So, what does a cavoodle mean in the TikTok community? Australian content creator @pheveya made a popular video on the topic, claiming that she invented this dating method which is named after the dog breed and it has proved to be life-changing for many people on TikTok.

Image Source: TikTok | @pheveya
Image Source: TikTok | @pheveya

Pheveya uses her own dating story as an example for her audience. She starts describing the "cavoodle method" step by step. "Step one, have something that you are extremely obsessed with. For example, mine is cavoodles," Pheveya said in her video. "I am also obsessed with Robert Irwin and everyone sends me stuff about Robert Irwin. But when I invented this method, my obsession was cavoodle." She frequently talked about the particular dog all the time while she was still with her ex and whenever her ex would come across the dog breed, he'd think of Pheveya.

While they still were in the conversational stage of their relationship, he came to learn about her love for the particular dog breed and eventually, he started associating her with that dog breed. Her ex would also send her cute videos of the cavoodle dogs or anything related to those cute pooches on her social media. When they were officially together, she asked him why he wanted to date her. Among a list of other reasons, he mentioned the cavoodles. “He said everywhere I went and there was a cavoodle, I thought of you! So I was thinking about you a lot,” she explained. Pheveya tells her audience about how one of her friends has done the same thing with ramen noodles and how her date has started to associate her with ramen noodles as well.

Image Source: TikTok | @pheveya
Image Source: TikTok | @pheveya

If her date is in a shop where he spots ramen or he is craving ramen, then it definitely makes him think about her. "If you are so obsessed with something and people start sending stuff about them to you, claiming that they are thinking about you, then you are doing the cavoodle effect. "Use this method on a boy and you will be stuck in the head of this boy forever," she concludes. People were not only impressed by this cavoodle method but some of them even claimed to have tried them in real life and how it worked for them. @br14rjy wrote: "Robert Irwin smiled at me while he was doing the croc show 2 years ago and I nearly passed out."

Image SourcE: TikTok | @lauren.mahon
Image SourcE: TikTok | @lauren.mahon

@aemondsupremacy commented: "I am dead the next video. I scrolled down about a cavoodle being turned into bibble, before this video I’d never heard of cavoodles." @catherine.vj argued: "Well that ain’t easy for me. I’m not obsessed with anything and I never get obsessed about anything." @lhom2lasituation quipped: "My cavoodle is Taylor Swift and it really works as you say, glad we see her everywhere now." @healthyxkelsey joked: "My bf says this about the produce in grocery stores. When we broke up and fruits and veg would make him sad." @elizabethelia.s mentioned: "Realizing mine is bunnies because everyone in my life associates me with my bunny."


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