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She struggled with low grades in course dad chose for her. Today she's a valedictorian studying what she loves

Sandra Martey had been studying Economics with Mathematics for years without success until she realized her true calling.

She struggled with low grades in course dad chose for her. Today she's a valedictorian studying what she loves
Image source: LinkedIn/edwardasare1

Sandra Martey had spent 10 years getting a degree and she finally graduated only because she found her true calling. Martey's story was shared on LinkedIn and it highlighted why it's important to pursue your passion and interests, whether it is for studies or work. Sandra Martey had been studying Economics with Mathematics because her father wanted her to. She didn't have the motivation to get her over the line but that was until she pursued her own interest and dream, and succeeded in graduating. Not only did she graduate with first-class, but Martey was also the valedictorian of her class, reported Legit.Ng.

Sandra Martey/LinkedIn


Martey had been toiling for years, before plucking the courage to enroll in university again to pursue PR, something she realized was her true calling. Edward Asare, a digital marketer, posted about Martey's incredible journey on LinkedIn in the hope that her story serves as inspiration for others to pursue their dreams. Martey had certainly inspired Asare.

"10 good years for a degree yet graduated valedictorian. Let me tell you what happened. When I went to level 100 at the University of Ghana, Sandra A. Martey was in level 400 and was a music director of the choir I was part of; CVC," wrote Asare. "She was reading Economics with Mathematics. She wasn’t enjoying the course. It wasn’t what she wanted but she decided to do it because her Dad chose it for her. Her dream was to read Business Administration," Asare added.



Asare said that Martey wasn't making any progress and had almost thrown in the towel. "She struggled and had to rewrite lots of papers even after her mates had graduated. She got tired, depressed, and gave up on the degree at Legon," wrote Asare, before adding that she had found her true calling when she joined Roverman Productions and started acting in stage plays. "That was when she realized that PR is her passion." 

"She applied to the University of Professional Studies Accra and started all over again and graduated with first-class and valedictorian of her class in PR. Sandra is an old girl of Wesley Girls High School but found herself reading a course she didn’t love and appreciate at Legon but when she finally found what she was passionate about, she blossomed like a rose flower," wrote Asare, adding that it's important to pursue what you enjoy doing. "You can only flourish at what you love. Well done Sandra A. Martey, Keep doing what you love," Asare concluded the post.



The responses to the post were overwhelmingly positive with many praising Martey for pursuing her passion and graduating with first-class. One user commented, "I read mathematics too in Legon to admit the course is very hard which will leave you depressed all the time." Addoquaye said they could relate to Martey's experience. "That's a part of my story too. Read Economics with Mathematics because that's what my father wanted. Struggled through it and barely came out with some shred of intellectual dignity. Although I did not redo my degree, I used that experience to strive to keep reaching for bigger and higher heights. I share in her strength, determination, and perseverance," wrote Addoquaye.

Sandra Martey commented on the post, "That's an amazing summary of a very long journey. Yes, no academic program is difficult once it aligns with your passions." Martey then added that she hoped her story would inspire others to follow their dreams. "I hope this inspires someone not to give up! Time and chance definitely happen to us all. Stay determined!" she concluded. 

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