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Woman going through a tough breakup receives a heartwarming note from a stranger

The woman was sitting in a park and talking to her therapist when a lady overheard her conversation.

Woman going through a tough breakup receives a heartwarming note from a stranger
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Shvets Production; Reddit | u/crinklemermaid

For someone reeling from the pain of a breakup, words of encouragement can be powerfully healing. This is especially true when those words come from a caring stranger with no personal stake in the situation. It was this kind of unexpected encouragement that a woman received, tucked into a tissue paper after a stranger overheard her conversation with her therapist at a park. Taking to Reddit, u/crinklemermaid shared that she was navigating a difficult breakup, describing it as a "pivotal moment" in her healing process.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay

The woman shared that she was going through the hardest breakup in her life because she thought that the man was the love of her life. "I hope to look back on this one day and think I dodged a bullet, but for the time being I am absolutely shattered/gutted," the woman shared. However, she felt loads better after receiving a stranger's note that read, "You seem like a wonderful person and he doesn't deserve you." Her words uplifted the woman considerably and she expressed, "Whoever you are- you are an absolute angel. This is pivotal in my healing." In an update, she shared that the individual had passed her the note when they were leaving. "This lifted me up more than anything...and as funny as it seems, this napkin is like the Mona Lisa to me- absolutely priceless."

Image Source: Reddit | u/crinklemermaid
Image Source: Reddit |u/crinklemermaid

Other people took to the comments section to show their support and share their own stories with the woman. u/moonbeamlight wrote, "I’m old and I can assure you that you will get over him. It just takes time. I’m so sorry for your broken heart. Please be good to yourself." u/gingerfawx commented, "Keep hanging in there, hun. It gets better. I'm glad to hear you're seeking help to get there. So many people wouldn't even consider it, and it's such a sensible choice."

u/peachieohs remarked, "Sometimes I think about how many people in any given day almost do a gesture like this, but chicken out. Myself included. Imagine what the world would be like if all those almost-gestures were realized. I’m glad you experienced this warmth when you needed it. Hope it gets better for you in time. Much love." u/GaucwardSilence expressed, "Keep on going, the hurt will fade and you’re going to find someone worthy of you who will absolutely blow you away and you’ll think 'Oh, THIS is how I’m supposed to be treated.' Take it from someone who was in your shoes in December."

Image Source: Reddit | u/Bottle_Plastic
Image Source: Reddit | u/Bottle_Plastic
Image Source: Reddit | u/whateveratthispoint_
Image Source: Reddit | u/whateveratthispoint_

u/Cleverusername531 shared, "Oh man I recognize myself in your words. That note would have had me crying too. Here’s what I would say to my past self and what I’m passing on to you: Yeah. Your partner met some really important needs in you and so, of course, it’s going to hurt when you find out they’re not overall good for you. It makes sense. I’m glad you’ve got support from a therapist as well as from a stranger in the same universe who recognizes the truth. Wishing you all the strength, healing, compassion and nourishment there is as you heal and give yourself clean water to drink. Your needs are valid. It is quite a leap of hope and faith to make space in your life for someone who can meet them without also bringing poison and pain. I hope you can make that leap."

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