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Woman goes on honeymoon with her mom after fiance breaks up with her day before wedding

In a video that has gone viral on social media, the TikTok user shared how she made the best of the devastating situation.

Woman goes on honeymoon with her mom after fiance breaks up with her day before wedding
Cover Image Source: TikTok/laciiiegeesrna

As heartbreaking as it can be, sometimes the end of a relationship turns out to be the best thing that could happen to a person. Yet, figuring out a way to cope with the pain can be a challenge in itself. TikTok user Lacie Gooch—who goes by @laciiiegeesrna on the platform—found a unique way of mending her broken heart when the man she'd been in a relationship with for five years, decided to call it quits on them the day before they were to get married. In a video that's garnered more than 9.8 million views since being uploaded last month, Gooch shared how she made the best of the devastating situation.


"Okay, so after 5 years together and the day before we were supposed to get married, my ex decided that he didn't love me anymore and he didn't want to get married. And that's fine," she says in the viral clip. "What I did is I went on our honeymoon that his parents paid for and I took my mom. We had the best time. Then when I got back, I took my engagement ring and the wedding band that he bought and I went to the jewelry store."


"They gave me almost every single penny back, which isn't as much as what he told me he paid for it. Doesn't matter. But it's just another lie that he had told me," Gooch continued. "I used that money and I went to the Virgin Islands for two weeks, came back, did a burn-the-dress photoshoot with the dress I was supposed to get married in. Then after our house sold I wouldn't let him have any of the money and I got a new job." She got into a little more detail about that turbulent period in her life in another "storytime" video where she revealed that he mom was the one who'd paid for the wedding that never happened and that she'd lost around $30,000 in the process.


Gooch explained that it was completely legal for her to sell her engagement ring and wedding band since, in the state of Nebraska, the rings were legally hers since her former fiance gave her the rings as a gift. The store she sold it to told her she could exchange the rings for something else or get paid money for them. Lacie decided to get the money back and in the process found out that her ex-fiance had also lied about their worth to her.


As for selling the house that the couple had purchased, Gooch revealed that she'd paid the whole downpayment for the property because her ex-fiance spent all his money on a trip "with the boys" a month before the purchase. In an Instagram post of her wedding dress burning photoshoot, she wrote: "As much as I would like everyone to think I'm this badass chick who burnt her wedding dress, I'm here to say it's so so false. Living in a world where social media is so powerful and trying to conquer this mess my life is in right now is tough. However, I'm trying my best to keep it real and honest with everyone. Yes, I burned my dress and it felt AMAZING and totally helped the healing process. But what you didn't see was the nights before I put my dress on alone in my apartment and cried. And cried... and cried."


"Today you see this photo of me sipping champagne and looking carefree, but what you don't see is me laying in bed all day crying with my best friend. There are good days and there are bad days. When I think I'm okay for a second, the wind creeps in and whisks it away faster than I can grab it to hold it down. Several people have reached out to me about my story and how my posts have helped them get through their own struggles," she added. "It's so nice to hear that what I've been posting has helped others! But I just want people who are following my story to understand I struggle too even if I don't show it. Don't get too caught up in people's posts and think their life is so much better than yours because 9/10 I bet they're going through some rough stuff too. Lean on those around you for comfort. Find a hobby. Get a dog (if you can care for it). Journal your thoughts; that has helped me so much. And anyone can always reach out to me to help. I'm in this with ya."

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