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Woman gifts her younger sister the doll she could never afford during childhood: 'I love it'

The older sister can be seen getting emotional as they open the gift together and share a heartwarming moment.

Woman gifts her younger sister the doll she could never afford during childhood: 'I love it'
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @GoodNewsMovement

Whether in moments of joy or hardship, our family members are the ones who consistently stand by our side, just like these sisters. They have shared a lifetime of experiences, supporting each other every step of the way. Even as they have grown older, their care for one another remains unwavering. Recently, it was the younger sister's birthday and the older one was gifted a long-desired doll. She had always wanted this doll as a child but their family could not afford it. The video was shared by Good News Movement and has touched the hearts of everyone.

Image Source: Twitter | @GoodNewsMVT
Image Source: Twitter | @GoodNewsMVT

The older sister looks at the doll and can be seen crying. Her younger sister is seen hugging her and comforting her. Soon, we also see tears in the eyes of the younger sister as she sees how her elder sibling was completely touched by her gift. At the end of the video, they are seen embracing each other as others clap and cheer for them.

Sister gifts her youngest sibling the doll she'd wanted since she was a young girl. Growing up the family was never able to afford it so this meant so much to her." This video went viral as it had almost 56k views on Twitter along with several likes, retweets and comments. People were touched by the video and showered it with love. 


In another touching story about siblings, we see the bond between siblings is strong and enduring even if they don't see each other for years. In fact, the joy of reuniting after an extended period apart can be quite emotionally overwhelming. In a video shared by Good News Correspondent (@goodnewscorrespondent), a pair of siblings are seen reuniting after almost 22 years of being apart. A woman goes over to a table in a restaurant holding a cup of coffee and places the cup in front of a man who is seated with a child on his lap on the table.


It takes him a few moments to recognize his sibling even as she extends her arms in front of him. However, when the realization hits, he quickly springs up and tightly embraces her while saying, "Oh sh**!". The duo remains in a firm embrace as he ruffles his sister's hair and kisses her cheek. It was a tearful moment for the siblings, who are now grown and with their families, reunited after so long.

In the comments, people raved about how precious this moment was and many reminisced about such times in their lives. "I'd give anything to hug my sister like this one more time. She passed away in 2015," said @mrbigraggie. "It’s been 19 years since my brother has been gone. I hope the next time I see him it goes something like this," shared @reese.htx. Our siblings love us in the most special ways and they truly have our back all the time!

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