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Lucky woman gets engagement ring back after losing it at Broncos game: 'My heart is so full"

"There are good, kind people out there and I'm forever thankful for the person who found it and turned it in," she wrote.

Lucky woman gets engagement ring back after losing it at Broncos game: 'My heart is so full"
Cover Image Source: Facebook / Lupe Leyva

A woman feared she had lost her engagement ring for good after attending an NFL game in Denver. Thankfully, it found its way back to her and she can't believe her luck. According to a Facebook post, Lupe Leyva attended her first football game in a stadium on Sunday, when she watched the Denver Broncos play the Los Angeles Chargers. Despite the fact that the home team won, Leyva exited the game "heartbroken." "I NEED HELP!!" posted the Colorado resident on social media after the Jan. 8 game. "I had my gloves on, took them off heading to the bathroom & off went my engagement ring," she wrote.

Despite admitting that the situation felt like a "lost cause," she refused to give up — and pushed others to share her message. "Maybe if I have a little bit of hope, maybe a miracle is possible," Leyva wrote. "Maybe just maybe a good soul will find it and turn it in", reports PEOPLE

Fortunately, she, like the Broncos, finished the regular season with a victory. "UPDATE- FOUND!" she said in a post update, thanking everyone who helped spread the news. As per NBC affiliate KUSA, Leyva stated that an Empower Field at Mile High staff member phoned her to inform her that someone had turned in a ring. "Members of the Broncos Guest Relations team were made aware of the lost ring via a Facebook post from the owner," a Broncos spokesperson tells PEOPLE in a statement. "Guest Relations connected with the security team, who hosts the stadium's "Lost & Found" to identify if the ring was turned in."



They continued, "The owner then connected with a member of staff, was able to describe and verify the ring, and we were able to reunite ring and owner yesterday evening," the spokesperson adds, calling it a "truly remarkable testament to our Guest Relations staff for being diligent with their sections and being trained to keep an eye out for everything!" "MY HEART IS SO FULL!!" Leyva wrote in another social media post on Monday. "I was feeling awful and It felt like a long shot but the amount of support I felt from everyone helped keep me hopeful," said Leyva. "There are good, kind people out there and I'm forever thankful for the person who found it & turned it in." Although Leyva has no clue who made the reunion possible, she will be eternally thankful. "We have so many thanks to give," she wrote.



Wedding bands are seen to represent love, commitment, and affection, so it's understandable that a missing ring might elicit sentiments of regret, shame, or superstition. Sometimes, it literally feels like you lost the finger itself. Last year, Windham resident Kevin Butler misplaced the rings after throwing away the napkin that had contained them after being washed. Butler didn't know his wife had placed her rings in the napkin to dry; he only noticed they were missing when he brought their garbage to the nearest transfer station. He then went back to the location and made a request. "He said, 'I'm pretty sure I threw the rings out,'" transfer station supervisor Dennis Senibaldi said Tuesday, per PEOPLE

Butler, with the help of the employees and a lot of luck, was able to rescue them. Senibaldi and his colleagues chose the optimum location to sift through the 20 tonnes of rubbish using security footage of Butler's journey to the transfer station as a guide. "One of the things he said was [inside] was celery stalks, and I could see a celery stalk sticking out the side of the bag," Senibaldi said. "As we were going through the bag that we knew was his, he actually said, 'It's not in here.' And I said, 'No, there's a couple little pieces left,'" Senibaldi said. "I had my rubber gloves on, I moved a few items out of the way and saw literally the very last napkin and I opened it up." Butler told that he would search for the rings "a thousand times over" even though he "wouldn't recommend anyone else do it." As a token of appreciation for their assistance, Butler allegedly bought the crew pizza over the weekend.

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