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Woman gets 'disgusting response' from manager when she complains about her lazy co-worker

The woman was tired of pulling her coworker's weight and on the verge of getting fired because of her. But their manager still blamed her.

Woman gets 'disgusting response' from manager when she complains about her lazy co-worker
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | RDNE Stock Project; Mumsnet | @Queenoftheuniverseandgalaxy

Working in an environment where you have to pull the load for your coworkers can be challenging. Also, if your boss does not take your side or do something about it, things can get even more difficult. Similarly, a woman, @Queenoftheuniverseandgalaxy, took to Mumsnet to share how she is facing problems due to her lazy coworker. But to top that, her manager called her a snitch when she tried to complain, leaving her completely helpless.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Karolina Grabowska
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Karolina Grabowska

"We both clean in a restaurant. It's just me and her, no supervisors. She is extremely lazy. Doesn't do her work, leaves dirt and mess in her area and leaves most of the work to me," the woman explained. The other employee often sits around on her phone. "When I show her the mess and dirt she leaves, she rolls her eyes," she added. All limits were crossed when the woman's coworker told her, "I don't care, shut up, you are so annoying and you are not my boss, just do it for me." On top of the burden of work, the woman also has to deal with the angry management team


"Management is often angry at us on WhatsApp and complains about the mess and dirt she leaves. We both get blamed for her lazy, horrible cleaning," the restaurant worker pointed out. The woman kept trying to talk to her coworker, but she wouldn't budge. "After 6 months of this and yet another angry complaint hinting they'll fire us, I had enough and contacted the cleaning company boss," the woman recounted. The woman requested the manager, "Please speak to her and that the area they were angry about, was hers." But instead of supporting her and listening to her, the boss called her an annoying snitch.


"She never blames you, Kate. We do not blame each other. Snitching is gross behavior. You are both a team and should work together! You are being an annoying snitch. A tattle tale. Just disgusting behavior from you. Stop snitching. I don't want to hear it," the answer from the boss read. People took to the comments to support the woman and encouraged her to look for better opportunities. @AllyCart wrote, "That's a message from a manager? And are they a 13-year-old American? What adult would use 'Gross' to mean undesirable? I'd be out of there like a shot. You deserve better."


@theemmadilemma commented, "Disgusting response from a 'Manager.' But if that's the management, it's not going to get better. Leave." @ABirdsEyeView remarked, "Do you have an HR department? I'd escalate this above your manager's level and forward the manager's response to you. This job is effectively toast anyway - you might as well make a formal complaint." @Newestname002 expressed, "Things will not change whilst you're earning not just your salary for yourself but her salary for her too. Your management doesn't seem to care about their reputation and certainly doesn't care about you. Vote with way your feet and let them get on with it."

@TheFormidableMrsC pointed out, "That's shocking. Either they know each other outside work or they are related in some way. No reasonable manager behaves like that. Do you belong to a union? Is there HR? Either way, I'd be telling them where to stick their job and find another sharpish. There is always demand for good professional cleaners and you deserve much better than this."

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