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Woman gets back at worker who mansplained and doubted if she could grout peel-and-stick tiles

Maggie McGaugh knows a thing or two about home renovation as she often posts DIY home projects to TikTok, where she has 1.4 million followers.

Woman gets back at worker who mansplained and doubted if she could grout peel-and-stick tiles
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @maggiemcgaugh

A Lowe’s customer got annoyed when a worker doubted her ability to grout peel-and-stick tiles. Instead of letting it slide, she decided to be "petty" and get back at the employee. Peel-and-stick tiles are grouted when people have limited time and they want to skip the step of adding adhesive separately to the tiles. Maggie McGaugh (@maggiemcgaugh) knows a thing or two about it as she often posts DIY home projects to her TikTok account, where she has 1.4 million followers. The DIY furniture flipper's most recent TikTok video raked up over 500k views as it shows her proving to a store employee that grouting peel-and-stick tiles is possible. 

Representational Image Source: Pexels | Craig Adderley
Representational Image Source: Pexels | Craig Adderley


McGaugh provided some context via text overlay writing, “This employee acted like I was an idiot for grouting peel and stick tile. I came back to show him once I finished.” She then captioned the video, "I even explained the instructions say you can grout but NAH I still didn't know what I was doing." Annoyed at the fact that he accused her of not knowing what she was doing, McGaugh told the worker, whom she refers to as a “mansplainer” in the text overlay, “Did I speak to you about the grout, the peel-and-stick grout, the other day? I just wanted to let you know it worked.” 

The employee was surprised and asked if it really did work. Not only did it work, Maggie added that it “looks great.” “Did you take pictures?” the worker asked, to which Maggie proudly said, “I did yeah.” She then showed him the photos hoping that he would learn a lesson from their interaction. Her reaction to the mansplaining garnered appreciation on TikTok. 

“It’s probably a good thing… he just learned something that he can share with other people when they come in the store!” @mousemarie84 commented. “I had a guy at Home Depot tell me they didn’t sell an item and I showed him a receipt where I bought it at that store the weekend prior,” @itsmespears added. “An employee told me they didn’t have an item before and when I found it I went back to let him know where it was. He was so mad about it,” @kyndall..marie shared. @spookywomb also shared their story, stating, "One time I asked an employee about mirror finish spray paint and he laughed at me and mocked me. They literally had it for sale on their website!"

Image Source: TikTok | @maggiemcgaugh
Image Source: TikTok | @maggiemcgaugh


People are now standing up for themselves and often aren't letting things slide anymore, even in terms of work. One freelance recruiter decided to get back at a company for not paying them the amount they'd previously agreed upon for their recruitment services. In 2021, the recruiter helped secure a candidate in a week for the company and even made concessions on the price of the services because of the company’s size. But when the headhunter sent over an invoice totaling $10,000, the company's owner offered to pay the price he thought the service was worth instead: just $1,000.

The recruiter declined and didn't take any money; instead, they came up with a plan - they stole 6 employees, shutting down the business. Sharing the story on Reddit, u/thepettiestofpetty added, " In the end, I made 82k in fees and today they announced after 33 years in business, they are closing their doors! Think twice before asking a recruiter for help then refusing to pay the fee! Today I'm calling the rest of their people to help them get jobs. Thinking about calling the owner as well. I want him to know it was me." 

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