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Woman get hilarious replies after asking men in her life if they can land a plane in an emergency situation

Sarah tried the question on the men in her life after a Twitter user suggested that all men think they can land a plane in an emergency situation.

Woman get hilarious replies after asking men in her life if they can land a plane in an emergency situation
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @tumbleweed29

Can men really "land a commercial airliner in an emergency situation" safely? It is a never-ending debate that has been cropping up on social media every now and then since Twitter user Bennett (@imagineaguy) made the claim on the microblogging site in November last year. His tweet that read: "I think all men sincerely believe they could safely land a commercial airliner in an emergency situation with only air traffic control to walk them through it" garnered much attention on the Internet, especially on TikTok. It also prompted women to ask this viral question to the men in their lives and now, it has become a TikTok trend. Two months after Bennett's tweet, YouGov released the result of a survey that asked the same question. 32% of US citizens believed that they could complete this task. Among this, 46% were men and 20% were women who claimed they could land a commercial plane when given detailed instructions. Now, TikTokers are also speculating about the same. 

Image Source: TikTok | @
Image Source: TikTok | @ tumbleweed29


Sarah (@tumbleweed29) asked this question to men in her circle and she received different answers, which she uploaded on TikTok. She asked her brother and some of her friends and most of them said that they would be able to land a plane during an emergency if given proper directions. At the end of the video, Sarah asks the question to her father, who is a pilot. “Yes, they could be instructed on how to set up the computer and connect it to the autopilot,” he texted Sarah. “The plane can land itself," he added. 

Image Source: TikTok | @tumbleweed29
Image Source: TikTok | @tumbleweed29


The post has 21 thousand likes and many comments. Her followers also expressed their opinions on her post. @MaKaelynThrash commented, "Learning that at the end the plane can land itself is hilarious." @CamilleDawnGermain wrote, "No one gonna mention that Josh(Tinder) is part of “most important men in her life.” @MiniMarine commented, "I was gonna say yes because I'm sure the ATC could guide me through what you do to turn on the autopilot to do the landing."



@Abigail "was just about to chirp in with the auto-landing feature but dad beat me to it." @SarahHenry joked, "The plane will land itself but the man will brag about it to everyone he ever meets thereafter." @grayson commented, "Someone who was working toward being a pilot told me I'd be a good pilot so I’m taking the word here."

In a similar story about women asking quirky questions to people on the internet, Neena Jha (@DrNeenaJha) inquired about plane etiquette on Twitter. She asked people, "UGH!! Sat next to a selfish guy who refused to move his leg from my space. Rude to casually kick his leg away?" She also accompanied this with a picture in which the seat spaces are marked and the man is seen aggressively spreading his leg so far out that his toes reach the aisle. He was invading the space intended to be hers. While some attempted to defend the behavior by asking people to “spare a thought for us taller men,” Jha explained that the person in question had been acting entitled to her space instead of asking for the space politely.



"He just had such an awful attitude and claimed my space as if he was simply entitled to it," said Jha. The tweet went viral with over 3.7 million views and over 6 thousand likes. Hundreds of people raged in a debate about the behavior and how to deal with it. The majority of users encouraged Jha to address him directly with a passive-aggressive comment, pull her tray down, wax his legs, kick it away, or ask him to move. In a follow-up tweet, Jha thanked everyone for their advice and wrote she was "so awful at speaking up and standing up for myself." Well, people on the internet can offer both, helpful advice and shared emotions when needed. 


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