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Woman finds same product for cheaper in a different aisle at grocery store: 'Isn't that crazy?'

She was stunned to find the same items on two different aisles, except the price of one was extremely cheap compared to the other.

Woman finds same product for cheaper in a different aisle at grocery store: 'Isn't that crazy?'
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @recipeswithmaria74

Among the rising cost of living, grocery shopping is all about finding the best deals around the corner. Sometimes, the prices vary across the country, sometimes across states and at times even different supermarkets or stores have different prices for similar or the same products. Maria—who goes by @recipeswithmaria74 on TikTok—discovered that prices can even differ on different aisles in grocery stores and we just have to look carefully. She shared a video to reveal the dollar-saving trick she discovered during her grocery visit to Walmart. She mentioned in the video, “Check your prices.”

Image Source: TikTok/@recipeswithmaria74
Image Source: TikTok | @recipeswithmaria74

Maria focused her camera on the shelf displaying Knorr’s Chicken Bouillon, she says “I was in Walmart this evening and years ago this was brought to my attention through social media.” Revealing more, the woman went and grabbed a pack of the bouillon saying, “You might not know this but this American Chicken Bouillon and it’s 58.8 cents per ounce.” She then went over to the Mexican aisle and her camera captured the same Knorr Chicken Bouillon on display only this one was 13.5 cents per ounce. “The exact same stuff,” she reveals. "The first time I heard about this, I thought they were crazy but when I went and checked it out myself, I was like ‘Oh my gosh.’”

Image Source: TikTok/@recipeswithmaria74
Image Source: TikTok | @recipeswithmaria74

She couldn’t believe the price difference and the amount shoppers could save simply by going to a different aisle for the same product in the same store. Sharing yet another example, Maria says, “Here’s the Mexican Vanilla Bean and that’s made out of pure vanilla.” The woman then focused her camera on the product to show its label which featured its weight, ingredients and more. Moving her camera to the price labels, she said that the vanilla bean was 19 cents an ounce. She then moved to another aisle which contained other varieties of vanilla beans. “This is what’s considered the American brand,” Maria reveals. She moved on to pan through all the vanilla bean brands with their price labels and indeed there was a shocking difference.

Image Source: TikTok/@recipeswithmaria74
Image Source: TikTok | @recipeswithmaria74

The same product just different brands had prices varying between $1 to $4 and more per ounce. “Isn’t that crazy?” the woman questions as she reads through the prices. “I guess the Mexican section is what you call it, so yeah, save yourself some money." Her caption read, “Save money by purchasing from the Mexican brands. It’s a game changer!” With thousands of comments, several users sneaked in their grocery hacks. @cjonnes1118 said, “Stores like Lidl and Aldi are cheaper for groceries as well.”

Many users call this hack the trick to their savings and vouch for products with such prices. Other users knew the trick and swear by it. @michaeltalmadge61 said, “Shh, this secret has been around for years.” @scotkilo said, “Some products are all over the store at different prices. Same with Target.” @deniseladuc1 said, “The best part is most of the time, it's the same brand!”

Image Source: TikTok/@whytho025
Image Source: TikTok | @whytho025
Image Source: TikTok/@karencompton50
Image Source: TikTok | @karencompton50

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