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Woman finds moving letter adoptive mom wrote to her biological mother: 'Very precious to us'

Twitter user Amy shared a letter penned by her adoptive mom to her biological mother and wrote: 'This letter from my mom to my birth mother... I am a MESS.'

Woman finds moving letter adoptive mom wrote to her biological mother: 'Very precious to us'
Cover Image Source: Twitter/@Amy

Motherhood is indeed a sacrificial and selfless role. There is more to a mother than the traditional sense of the word and the feeling is distinct in each mother-child bond. Often, being adopted is looked at in a negative way. However, Twitter user Amy recently shared a heartwarming discovery that she made which presents a different perspective on this matter.

In her Twitter post, Amy mentioned that she had found her adoption documents among which she discovered a letter from her adoptive mom addressed to her biological mother.


Sharing a photograph of the heartwarming letter, Amy wrote: "Just found an envelope of my adoption documents, much of which I'd never seen before. This letter from my mom to my birth mother... I am a MESS."

In her letter, Amy's mother explained the gift that Amy was to her. “Amy is approaching her 19th birthday. She has matriculated, has her driving license and has grown into a beautiful, colorful and talented young woman. She is becoming increasingly independent,” she wrote. "Should she ever make the decision to seek you, I want you to know that I have thought of you often over these 19 years and offered many prayers for you, wishing I could communicate the joy she has been to us... her beauty and her wellbeing."


She also penned a breath-taking note of gratitude to the woman who birthed her daughter: “I will always be aware of the pain you will have experienced at the separation from your baby and the enormously unselfish decision you made to have her adopted. There will always be deep gratitude to you for she has given both Derek and I unbelievable pride and joy.” 

The letter gave Amy an idea of the special bond her mother shared with her and her biological mother. The letter further mentioned how happy her parents were with their decision to have adopted her and how much she means to them.


Amy's tweet got quite a reaction on the platform. @Brandon_SV enquired whether the letter was ever delivered. To this Amy replied, "My biological mother has the letter too." There were many questions, doubts, expressions and more about the letter and her mother. Amy responded to them all with follow-up tweets about her mother who passed away in 2013 following a battle with cancer.





In one tweet she wrote, "As this is gaining some traction, I thought I'd tell you about my mom. She would tell me as a child that, 'you weren't made in my womb but in my heart' and reminded me every week that I was chosen. She had a deep Christian faith which makes sense given that she was an actual angel."

Amy found an angel in disguise in the form of her adoptive mother. This incident goes on to show the unconditional true love that mothers have for their children. We can never understand what it takes for a mother to put her child up for adoption. What she goes through is far from what we can fathom or express. Although many may find it unusual or unwanted, those like Amy’s mother connect to their adopted children through their hearts if not the womb. An adopted child is not a random pick but a chosen gift for the family. This letter is evidence that the joy and gratitude for an adopted child is beyond measure.


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