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Woman finds expensive gold pearl earrings in a cheap jewelry box at a thrift store

She stumbled upon a pair of stunning 14K gold pearl earrings priced at just $0.50 during an estate sale.

Woman finds expensive gold pearl earrings in a cheap jewelry box at a thrift store
Cover Image Source: Reddit/u/kokochina

People often find interesting things from thrift stores, sometimes expensive things in the pockets of thrifted jackets or clothes, which are of much higher value. It might feel unbelievable when people share such stories on social media, but it is fascinating at the same time. When these stories are shared on social media, they may seem too incredible to believe, but they never fail to captivate our imagination. The thrill of stumbling upon such hidden gems adds an extra layer of fascination to the world of thrift store shopping. A Reddit user, u/kokochina, shared a picture of pearl earrings they stumbled upon while shopping.  and captioned it, "14K Gold Pearl Earrings for $0.50! They were in the $1.00 jewelry box at an estate sale and half-priced on Sunday."

Image Source: Reddit/ u/kokochina
Image Source: Reddit/ u/kokochina

She shared that these gorgeous 14K earrings have a retail price of $60 to $100, however, she got them just for $0.5 at an estate sale. They were inside a $1 jewelry box. She mentioned in the comment section, "I always look for jewelry and even if they were fake, $0.50 for a pair of okay-looking earrings was fine by me. The gold was so shiny and the backs were marked! They almost didn't believe I found them in the dollar box, but thankfully the other cashier confirmed she saw them there. They were not happy with how cheap I got them. Oops, haha." She added this jewelry usually went for about $60 to $100.

Image Source: Reddit/u/kokochina
Image Source: Reddit/u/kokochina

The post has about 128 upvotes on Reddit. People were happy that she got such a good deal. u/chromiaplague commented, “Holy smokes. That’s such a good deal, it’s a crime. I hope you love them because that is a beautiful transaction.” u/Own-Turnover-6773 wrote, “These are beautiful! Nice one.” u/OpaqueCheshire expressed, “Those are beautiful! Congrats! I hope you enjoy them. My blister pearl earrings were a 50-cent purchase, too. What's with people low-pricing real pearls?”

Thrifting as an activity has so many benefits to the individual and the environment around and this incident is a testament to this fact. Also, it encourages sustainable living and that one does not need to rely on mass production. Moreover, gold mining pollutes water and land with mercury and cyanide, putting the health of people and ecosystems in danger. According to a report by Earthworks, producing gold for one wedding ring generates about 20 tons of waste.

In another interesting incident in a thrift store, a woman named Sarah Dunk found a vintage black dress by Gianni Versace at a thrift store and she couldn't be happier. After she saw the dress, she checked the price, which was only $17. She says in a video, "It looks so expensive."

Image Source: TikTok/ @dunk.sarah
Image Source: TikTok/ @dunk.sarah

Also, she gave an update about the dress. Dunk says, "I did buy the dress. I'm an avid thrifter and if I see a designer piece, I'm obsessed with it. I have admired Gianni Versace and their styles, especially from the 90s, so I actually had to buy it." Many people said in the comments that the dress would have a high resale value, so she clarified that she was keeping it for herself and it fit her well.

People in the comment section loved the dress and the fact that she found it at a thrift store. @notzanehijazi commented, “Girl that’s not just Versace, that’s vintage Versace. I hope you bought it.” @thelilysmile wrote, “Girl, where are you thrifting and how do you find stuff this great?? Amazing.” @_alis_life expressed, “You better have bought this!! That’s money!!!”

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