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Woman finds a designer wedding dress worth more than $6000 for just $25 at Goodwill: 'A blessing'

She never visits thrift shops frequently but the one time she did, she discovered an expensive Galia Lavah wedding gown at a super cheap rate.

Woman finds a designer wedding dress worth more than $6000 for just $25 at Goodwill: 'A blessing'
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @emmalifaith

People who frequent thrift shops often end up discovering some rare gems at an astonishingly low price. Whether it is some vintage jewelry or priceless artifacts, thrift stores always have something valuable stashed somewhere for someone lucky. However, when Emmali Osterhoudt visited a Goodwill store in Birmingham, Alabama, she did not expect to stumble upon a Galia Lahav wedding dress with a market price of over $6000. What's even better is that Osterhoudt found it selling for $25 only!

Image Source: TikTok | @emmalifaith
Image Source: TikTok | @emmalifaith

It was almost like hitting a jackpot for her and the netizens who saw her video about this discovery shared the same sentiments. Over 2 million people applauded her for being really lucky in this case. For those people who are clueless about this designer gown, Galia Lahav is an Israeli designer whose brand is famous for creating exquisite wedding gowns, evening wear and luxury apparel.

Image Source: TikTok | @emmalifaith
Image Source: TikTok | @emmalifaith

Osterhoudt—who goes by @emmalifaith on TikTok—exclaims that the dress "fits her like a glove." She added, "It doesn't need any sort of alterations if I don't want them," sharing how Paris Hilton was wearing a Galia Lahav dress for her recent wedding and Beyonce also wore a wedding dress from the same designer at her wedding with Jay-Z. A few people in her comment section did some research to find out that the dress Osterhoudt found was released in the market in 2019 and its retail value was over $6000.

Galia Lahav gowns can be found on her website as well as certain bridal shops and if someone wishes to buy a preowned dress from this label they still have to spend a hefty $4000. Buzzfeed reached out to Osterhoudt to hear her take on this rare find and she admitted that visiting thrift shops is not something she does often. But the lucky lady had decided to accompany a friend to Gtoorder to look for items to decorate a gallery wall she was creating in her room.

Image Source: TikTok | @emmalifaith
Image Source: TikTok | @emmalifaith

Even though neither of them was engaged, they still decided to browse through the bridal wear section of the store. Just then Osterhoudt's eyes fell on the pearl and rhinestone-studded dress she was destined to buy. She doesn't have any immediate plans to get hitched with her boyfriend Nick but he loved the dress too. "He is just as excited about me finding a $6,000 dress for $25 as I am," she said, adding that she doesn't plan to wear the gown at her wedding but for some other special event in the future.


"Some people in the comments have told me to sage the dress or spiritually cleanse it. I think that the previous girl who had it wanted another lucky girl to have it, but even if something bad happened, a lot of beautiful things can come from a lot of ugly situations. It is a blessing to me to have even found this dress. But I will have it professionally cleaned before I wear it! Until then, it'll be in a bag in the back of my closet where I can hopefully still fit in it in a few years," she added.

Her TikTok video's comment section was dumbstruck at how lucky she was to find an expensive bridal gown for $25 only. @awkickfox wrote, "You found a Galia Lahav at GOODWILL? You are the chosen one." @theoakgirl quipped, "That’s the one! You look incredible. Counter in Girl Math you have an extra $6,200 you can spend on your wedding." @bahf7 added, "Sisterhood of the traveling wedding dress. You must donate it after your wedding and someone else finds it and the cycle continues." Maybe it's time we all start visiting thrift stores hoping to hit a jackpot just like Osterhoudt.


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