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Woman finally stands up to selfish friend after being hurt by 'one-sided friendship'

The woman's friend did not value her for her support and generosity and took advantage of her. So, she decided to teach her a lesson.

Woman finally stands up to selfish friend after being hurt by 'one-sided friendship'
Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Photo by Nicola Barts; (R) Reddit | u/peachbunx21

Friends are the family we choose. We bond with some people more because we share the same opinions and relate on common ground. Friendships are truly special to us and we do all it takes to make our friends happy. But a student figured out that a woman who was pretending to be her friend was not valuing her love and support and was taking advantage of her generosity. u/peachbunx shared her story on the subreddit u/pettyrevenge in a post titled: "How I dealt with a one-sided friendship?"

Representational Image Source: Pexels/Austin  Guevara
Representative Image Source: Pexels/Austin Guevara

She started the post, "I won't lie, it feels unbelievably sh*t to have people messaging you whenever they need help and after you help them, they just dip and ignore you till the next time they need help again. My friend recently asked me to buy her a special blender/food processor for their birthday (it was approximately 150AUD [$100]) because her old one broke. We're both university students but she lives on a way tighter budget than me because she doesn't receive help from her parents." 

u/peachbunx continued, "Of course, they go all friendly, hyped me up and whatever beforehand as if we're besties. After 2 months of radio silence and as if nothing happened. I, for whatever reason decided, 'Hey since we've been friends for so long and I'm in a good mood now why not?' I go to Target, take a photo of the food processor and send it to my friend who sends back: 'OMG YESSSS that's the one! Thank you thank you.' So, I buy it." However, she soon started to realize that her friend was being unfair to her and so, she decided to test her friend.

Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Liza Summer
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Liza Summer

She continued, "As I get on the bus I start reflecting. I'm scrolling through our message history together, massive blender around my arms, and I'm looking at the massive differences in the amount I type to her, versus how much effort she would put into her texts and contrasting that with the change in the amount she would type to me in the last few days. And I'd always be the one to initiate the conversation unless she needed something - it was as if she was just tolerating me. I quickly send her a message 'Will we hang out again after your bday?' (her last message was 2 minutes ago) to test and see if she actually cared about me as a person rather than some gullible ATM machine and as I'm waiting, I get off the bus and walk home."

"I check my messages again and see that I've been invited to the birthday group chat (friend is still online) yet hasn't responded to me as if she just throws her phone across the Pacific Ocean after each message I send her. I began to realize the pattern in which she messaged me and that this 'friendship' was taking an incredibly large toll on my mental health. Why should I always be worried about whether or not I get a response as if I'm not good enough? I decide to leave the birthday group chat, which was somehow noticed by my friend immediately since she messaged me asking why I did that (but not my previous message?) and I decided I no longer wanted to be friends with her," added the woman. 

Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Ibraim Leonardo
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ibraim Leonardo

Finally, @peachbunx decided to cut ties with her friend, as she wrote, "So I left her on read and went and made a banana ice cream milkshake, with the brand new blender she thought she was gonna get out of me." She later shared in an update that her so-called friend tried to send her a message "long a** essay" after she left her on read. "I quickly check our messages and see that she is drafting up a response so before she could finish whatever she was writing I respond with a picture of the new blender next to my glass of the banana smoothie with one word 'Yup!' and then promptly BLOCKED THE HECK OUT OF HER before she could say whatever colorful words she wanted to me," she wrote. "And honestly to say that I was immensely satisfied with this conclusion would be an understatement."

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