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Woman explains why you shouldn't let a job consume your life: 'They don't care about you'

She said that now she also sometimes reads a book, watches TV shows and goes to the park after coming back from work.

Woman explains why you shouldn't let a job consume your life: 'They don't care about you'
Cover Image Source: TikTok/ @bigtajjj

There have been constant conversations about the importance of work-life balance. However, for many employees, it still feels unattainable due to the toxic work environments at workplaces. A TikTok user named Toja gave a reality check about such bosses by saying: "They don't care about you."

She posted a video on her channel, @bigtajjj, where she says, "Don't let your job consume your entire life. The only reason I'm saying this to you is if tomorrow something happens to you, the only thing that the company is going to do is send a flower arrangement to your funeral, then they're gonna make a post to get you replaced, they might even send out an email to let everybody know what happened to you, but that's it." 

Image Source: TikTok/ @bigtajjj
Image Source: TikTok/ @bigtajjj

She goes on to claim that she made $600,000 for a company in nine months. "I told this story a minute ago, the only other Black girl, she got intimidated about me and started talking about me to people I didn't know and it got back to me. They told me, 'She ain't going anywhere, so I don't know what you are going to do about it.'"

Then she states that she made $1.2 million for another company in a day. "Do you know that this man had the nerve to call me and say, 'We have to let you go' not because you're wrong in the situation, but I don't know what else to do? And I told this man so you know I'm not the issue, but you are going to fire me.'"

Image Source: TikTok/ @bigtajjj
Image Source: TikTok/ @bigtajjj

In the video, she then goes on to talk about how she keeps a work-life balance now. "So what I do now, I get up about 6:30 in the morning, sometimes it's earlier, whenever my body wakes me up. So I get up and usually go to the gym. I usually come home and meditate. I might journal a little bit. Hell, I might even do some TikTok content," she says.

She added that now she also sometimes reads a book, watches TV shows and goes to the park after returning from work. She concludes, "Do not let your whole life be about work, especially if you are miserable because they do not care about you."

The video went viral with more than 199.5k views and 30.4k likes. Many people could resonate with what Toja shared. "This is why I’ve always been a habitual job hopper," commented @sadethesugarbae. "This is why I don’t give 2 weeks and take ALL my time off... STRAIGHT BARE MINIMUM ENERGY... do my job, ain’t making no friends there and GO HOME," wrote @purecokeiam. "This is so true, they truly don't care. That's why giving them 2 weeks' notice isn't mandatory, they'll fire you the same day," expressed @msp_speaks. @mzblakkprincess27 said, "I’m looking for another job now I’m tired of working sun up to sun down."

Image Source: TikTok/@bigtajjj
Image Source: TikTok/@bigtajjj

It is quite true that employees often end up doing overtime to ensure their jobs are safe and that they are not laid off. But then the question arises: what about the mental health of the person and the work-life balance that is really needed in today's time? This is something we all should consider before giving our all to our jobs.

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