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Woman explains why she wants other people to buy 'Angel Tree' gifts for underprivileged kids

A woman shares how the Angel Tree initiative helped her in tough times during childhood and helped her see the good in the world.

Woman explains why she wants other people to buy 'Angel Tree' gifts for underprivileged kids
Cover Image Source: TikTok/@maybashleymarie

Influencers in this day and age have a huge reach. The practices they promote can spread like wildfire across society. Therefore, @maybashleymarie is elated that Angel Tree shopping has become a viral trend all across social media. In this trend, creators record themselves doing their shopping haul at Walmart and other outlets for their Angel Tree commitment. This initiative is for children who are not in an economic situation to get any gifts for Christmas. They apply to be an Angel Tree recipient and give their list of gifts to the Salvation Army Angel Tree, which then arranges for a benefactor to buy them and get them to the kids. The girl explained the importance of this practice in the video.

Image Source: TikTok/@maybashleymarie
Image Source: TikTok/@maybashleymarie

The woman began by sharing that she was also an Angel Tree Kid. She and her parents were living in a homeless shelter. The parents had no way of arranging for gifts and therefore the girl became an Angel Tree kid. It wasn't easy for the kid at all. She explained, "I remember when everybody came around and asked us what we wanted to put on our list for the Angel Tree... because there was stuff that I wanted, but there was also stuff that I really needed." Unlike other kids, she did not have the option to just think about fun things while giving out the list. She needed to make sure that she got things that would sustain her for a long time. "Because as a kid in a shelter, you basically have the clothes that are on your back and that's it," she added.

Image Source: TikTok/@maybashleymarie
Image Source: TikTok/@maybashleymarie

Thereafter she goes on to detail her list. "I asked for hoop earrings, I asked for black Converse and I was gonna be completely okay if these were like the generic Converse, like the not name brand ones," she said, "I asked for skinny jeans, size 13, cause that's what size I was. And I also asked for a black eyeliner and a Playboy Bunny blanket." A woman became her Angel and arranged for her gifts. The moment the girl opened them up, she became emotional. Her Angel had gone above and beyond to fulfill her wishes.


The woman got her not one, not two, but 24 hoops of earrings. They were all of different styles ranging from rose gold to silver. She gave the creator so much eyeliner that the latter did not buy any for the next three years. The woman was so considerate that she kept the tag on the skinny jeans so that the receiver could exchange it at the outlet. The best thing the creator received was the Playboy Blanket. She did not believe that the benefactor would send her merchandise from the actual brand, so when it happened, she was extremely moved.

Representative Image Source: Pexels |  George Dolgikh
Representative Image Source: Pexels | George Dolgikh

These gifts gave her light during an extremely hard time in her life. It made her believe that there was good in the world. Therefore, she is glad that these influencers are promoting the Angel Tree practice, as she believes this will lead to more children benefiting from it. She concluded with, "I am so thankful for all these influencers and all these people with real money to be able to go out and actually buy gifts for these kids."

Image Source: TikTok/@nottellingyou397
Image Source: TikTok/@nottellingyou397


Image Source: TikTok/@tiffanimonroenyc
Image Source: TikTok/@tiffanimonroenyc

The comment section loved the story and the positive impact the Angel had on the creator. @wewilson00 found the whole thing adorable and wanted to participate in the initiative, "This is so sweet. How does this work? Where do we find a tree and list?" @itsbritsbish shared her own experiences and commented, "I was an Angel Tree kid when my parents were in rehab. It really does make a kid's whole world."

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