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Woman explains why she believes the 'American dream' is a facade, sparking debate

Her thoughts on the work culture in America finds an agreeable space on the internet, with many relating to it.

Woman explains why she believes the 'American dream' is a facade, sparking debate
Image Source: Pexels | Michal Ludwiczak, Reddit | u/bunnystar55

The American dream has been a strong belief among immigrants since the 19th century, it means that anyone can attain prosperity no matter where they are born. It has come true for many but some people do not believe in it because of the exploitation they faced at work and the high living cost. They have been barely able to make ends meet. That's what exactly a woman on Reddit shared. "There's no such thing as an American dream. Never was. 'Working hard' just gets you more work. It was all a lie," writes u/bunnystar55 on the social media platform.

Image Source: Pexels/ Ruslan Burlaka
Image Source: Pexels | Ruslan Burlaka

She went on to talk about how the "majority of citizens" worked in jobs where they were mistreated by coworkers and management. She states that everyone is being exploited. "Minimum wage is not enough to afford rent, car expenses, groceries, hygiene products. We barely get time off to do the things we actually love and barely have a social life. All these companies have kept raising prices out of greed. Food doesn't even fill me up like it used to. It feels like I'm eating cardboard," she writes.

After this, she opens up about how she is constantly drained of energy. "Barely sleep, the food is all artificial trash filled with chemicals that kill us, they want us braindead and sick, healthcare is trash and poor you if you end up in the ER because that bill can leave you homeless. It's like everyone is one emergency away from losing it all, and the best part is nothing can be done about it," she mentions.

She shares that she was always a top student and excelled in school but still, things didn't go her way. "Despite my horrible circumstances, spend thousands on a business degree that's worthless now because companies want someone with 10 years of experience. Always worked hard in every job I had and nothing has changed. Congrats to me. I see why people get into crime now." "Good job America, you won. I give up," the woman concluded.

Image Source: Pexels/ Andrew Neel
Image Source: Pexels | Andrew Neel

She later added that she is not interested in solutions and they suffer from depression and other mental issues. "I'm just fed up at the moment with my current position and finances. My point is Americans shouldn't have to be working multiple jobs (like me) to be able to afford the bare minimum. Call it a breakdown or whatever. I'm tired and I'm not the only one. It's gonna take more than 'positive thinking' and looking elsewhere to fix a nationwide issue. I feel hopeless at the moment hence why I said I give up."

Image Source: Reddit | u/TheChuckRowe
Image Source: Reddit | u/TheChuckRowe

The post was captioned, "America is a scam" and has about 6.7k upvotes on Reddit. Many in the comments could resonate with what the person spoke of. u/Exotic-Ferret-3452 commented, "Obligatory 'That's why they call it the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it' quote from George Carlin." u/Nighthawk68w expressed, "They're so bold, I've seen job ads listed as 'full time', then you scroll down and it says 32 hours a week, no benefits." u/StonedWheatThicc shared, "But there WAS an American dream. It DID exist. Our parents and/or grandparents got to live it but they pulled the ladder up behind themselves. The lie is that the American dream is still achievable for working-class people if they just grind hard enough."

Image Source: Reddit | u/technicianrich9584
Image Source: Reddit | u/technicianrich9584

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