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Woman explains why quitting the job after 10 years without notice was the 'best thing she ever did'

The former employee shared her own example to teach others why it is important to leave a toxic job on your own terms.

Woman explains why quitting the job after 10 years without notice was the 'best thing she ever did'
Cover Image Source: TikTok/@tokkingwithstrangers2

Toxic workplaces can suck the life out of employees. They are subjected to everything, from disrespect to exhaustion. The worst part is that the stakes are always in the boss' favor. In such places, giving a two-week notice is like inviting personal hell. @tokkingwithstrangers2, in her video, answers how to navigate quitting in such a company. Her opinion is that after going through so much in an establishment, it is important that an individual leaves on their own terms to protect their mental health. The woman shares her own story of leaving a toxic workplace where she worked for more than a decade.

Image Source: TikTok/@tokkingwithstrangers2
Image Source: TikTok/@tokkingwithstrangers2

The video was made by the woman when she saw many struggling with the decision of whether to give a notice or not on social media. She started by sharing her present state, "The job that I have now, I've been at for a decade. It has its own things like all jobs do but for the most part, you know I make an okay wage. I'm able to pay my bills." This shows that it does not take a whole lot for the woman to be satisfied at her workplace. The employer was not moving mountains, they were just treating her with respect and fulfilling her basic needs. This was not the case with her previous employer. 

Image Source: TikTok/@tokkingwithstrangers2
Image Source: TikTok/@tokkingwithstrangers2

Opening up about her previous job, the woman explained, "It was horrific. I worked there for a decade and it was about nine years to it. It got to the point where I would cry on the way to work and I would wanna just drive by the parking lot, just keep going north and not look back. But, I did not have a choice at that time." The work environment was unbearable but she was forced to put up with it due to her circumstances. She was married to someone who just couldn't hold a job and it was on her to pay the insurance. As she puts it, "In life sometimes you have to do s**t that sucks, and you have to suck it up until something better comes along."

She held on to the job until she got a better opportunity. It wasn't an easy road for her at all, as she had to continuously apply and go to many interviews. Finally, though she found something satisfactory to her needs. This is when the question of notice came. She elucidated, "Most people give a two weeks notice out of courtesy and fear. I'll tell you what, for the first time in my life at that job, I decided to not give a notice." She saw first-hand what happened to the folks that went that way. They were subjected to verbal cruelty and mental harassment day in and out.

After facing so much already in the establishment, she refused to be put through that as she was leaving. According to her, "It was the best thing I ever did because I got to leave on my own terms." In such a situation, the worker believes that it is better to go to the hiring manager and explain the whole situation. Hiring managers who understand toxic work culture and are against it will "respect your honesty" and offer the job anyway.

Image Source: TikTok/@foshizzlemyninja
Image Source: TikTok/@foshizzlemyninja


Image Source: TikTok/@erniesmom61
Image Source: TikTok/@erniesmom61

The comments section agreed with every part of the video. @osana794 shared their own experience and wrote, "I would have to pull over going to work to throw up, my nerves were shot. I took my PTO and never went back." @napsandpuppies commented about the route that they took, "I walked out in the middle of the day at a job and it never affected one time. My references are not at that place. I’m done being nice."

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