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Woman explains her 'biggest fear' surrounding weight loss and it is resonating with many people

Many netizens agreed with the woman's comments on how the way most people treat you noticeably changes after you lose weight.

Woman explains her 'biggest fear' surrounding weight loss and it is resonating with many people
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @brookenrecordd

A woman is opening up about the psychological and emotional toll an individual experiences when people find them attractive after weight loss. The video was originally shared online by TikTok user Brooklyn Kennedy (@brookenrecordd). Kennedy's heartfelt rant struck a chord with many, including Twitter user @venusianhunty, who reshared the video on the short-form blogging platform with the caption: "This video put into words my biggest fear surrounding weight loss like it almost made me cry how spot on she is."

In the video, Kennedy begins by saying that she does not care if what she has to say might anger people, but she is going to be candid about the issue. She mentions that she has "been in many eras of my body" and that her weight has fluctuated a lot over the last 10 years.

Representational Image Source: Pexels | Ketut Subiyanto
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ketut Subiyanto

"When I lose weight and somebody that I have known for a long time, several people, suddenly become interested in me, that p*sses me off," she shares.

"Do you realize how demoralizing it is for you to realize the only reason people were writing you off is because of your size? It's so gross because I love people. I love the way people are and there is not anything that could happen to the body of any of my loved ones that would make them less stunning to me," she adds, visibly getting emotional.

The woman adds that people who think this way are limiting their love and are writing themselves off from so many people because of check marks that do not matter in the long run. "All people are beautiful if their hearts are beautiful," she says before signing off.


The sentiment echoed with many other netizens and the video gained over 426k views on TikTok and 10.3 million views on Twitter. @Dranemra tweeted, "Superficial love is so hurtful, so damaging, for you realize that they're only looking at the surface and not any deeper. I don't think I look attractive, but I know that I'm a beautifully funny romantic that wears their heart on their sleeve. I feel for this video so deeply."

@MiahBadgal pointed out, "Same for people being naturally thin and they gain 15 pounds suddenly and all these men come out the woodworks it’s extremely psychological and messes with people." @LeopoldineLydia added, "I feel this. A lot. I have also been up and down in weight, and the superficiality of some people is heartbreaking. Much love to all those who feel like they're 'less' because of people who put more value in appearance than soul."



Many people struggle with the effects of weight fluctuations. Elijah Selby, a 49-year-old feminist transformational coach from San Francisco, California, admitted to Healthline: "My journey to love my body has been a struggle. I'd diet, lose weight and then feel terrible about myself again. It was exhausting. I placed my value as a human in the world on the size of my body." 

 Image Source: TikTok | @brookenrecordd
Image Source: TikTok | @brookenrecordd

What worked for Selby was how she shifted her perspective. Instead of how her body looked, she focussed on how her body felt; it was all about wellness. "I realized that I had to start accepting my body and learning to love it. I shifted my intention, focusing on eating well to feel good about myself and to have more energy." She also noted how "society gives us the message that we are not okay as we are. It's hard to recognize these messages because it's the cultural water we swim in, which makes us believe it's the truth," she said.

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