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Woman explains five reasons why she doesn't want to spend on luxury brands anymore

This woman vows to no longer invest in luxury brands after figuring out the cycle of stress produced by such shopping patterns.

Woman explains five reasons why she doesn't want to spend on luxury brands anymore
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @nioly

Most people dream of living the elite lifestyle. As people who grew up on shows like "Gossip Girl" and "Revenge," being a part of that class was the ultimate goal and fantasy. Dressing up like Serena and seizing the day was on the wishlist of every Gen Z and millennial. A new money millionaire, Polina Nioly Pushkareva—who goes by @nioly on Instagram—shows the reality of these rosy dreams. In the video, she explains that designer dresses, which signify status and symbols in the long run, give people nothing but anxiety. The whole concept of luxury brands is created to torture the very people who are their customer base. In 5 points, she explains everything wrong with the luxury fashion industry and why people should stop investing in them.

Image Source: Instagram/@nioly
Image Source: Instagram | @nioly

Pushkareva begins the video with a bold claim, as she states, "I am a new money millionaire and I have made a decision to stop buying from designers." She explains how buying from luxury brands is like submitting yourself to a toxic cycle of stress because the trends never remain the same. One might buy Versace thinking it is hip and in, but in two days, it will become "embarrassing and cringy." It is a great tactic to increase revenue but is a disappointing pattern to get subjected to for the customers. She continued, "To keep up with these fast trends, you have to spend an insane amount of money and it only creates unsatisfaction and anxiety."

Image Source: Instagram/@nioly
Image Source: Instagram | @nioly

Her second reason behind this resolve was unsatisfactory quality, as she explains, "Most of the designer pieces are supposed to be more like art and not actual pieces." Therefore, they are not made with durability in mind, which is unacceptable to Pushkareva. In her opinion, if someone spends thousands of dollars on something, it better be of high quality and should be adaptable to various circumstances. It shouldn't be a one-and-done matter. Her third point on the list was because of her "Pretty Woman" Vivian Ward experience. Though most people cannot ever hope to have their luck shine as bright as Ward's, they can definitely get insulted like her very easily in a luxury brand store.

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Pushkareva shared how on every visit to a Chanel store, she is greeted with snobby looks, even though she is there with enough money. She added, "I feel embarrassed, I feel like I don't belong there, I feel like sh*t." This sentiment carried forward in her fourth reason, where she stated, "Fashion industry actually hates and looks down on actual customers." She formed this opinion after talking to people who work in the industry, where people always have negative comments to give to outsiders rather than constructive criticism. It is all mocking and despite knowing that it is people outside the elites that form the biggest portion of their customer base, they refuse to change their mindset.

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The last reason was related to marketing. Pushkareva found the way these luxury brands market their products is very manipulative. She elucidated, "Luxury brands spend thousands of dollars to make you believe that the only way to achieve happiness is by having a new bag." In her opinion, it makes people shift their priorities from things that actually matter in life. All of this has caused her to change her relationship with luxury brands. "I am not going to buy any new pieces from the store directly," Pushkareva said. "If I like any of the pieces to the point like I'm dying, then I am going to buy it on the resale market." Now, her objective is to support local designers who respect her business rather than make her feel small, like luxury brands.

Image Source: Instagram/@theworstofbothworldz
Image Source: Instagram | @theworstofbothworldz
Image Source: Instagram/@humaira_29
Image Source: Instagram | @humaira_29

The comment section agreed with all her points. @sugarybae shared a similar experience in a luxury brand shop and commented, "Exactly. The way Hermes treats their client. To have a bag, you need to have a history with them?" @alexissiriani appreciated Pushkareva's resolve and wrote, "Yes!! Love this rant!!! I'd love to see the resurgence of tailors, shoe cobblers, dressmakers and seamstresses. Bring back true ateliers who make custom clothing vs mass-marketed luxury with perceived scarcity."

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